11 Hour days, WHY?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by capt. kirk, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. The Blackadder

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    Well getting ready for work, did 11.5 hours yesterday, with a helper, but they sent a dozen drivers home. WHY?

    I understand when its all hands on deck, when package numbers blow up by 80%, but when we dont even have enough work for all the drivers why the hell are we sending guys home and using helpers that do not help as we dont have enought stops in any giving area for them to help us. :angry:

    Oh well, maybe they will cut my route today and give the guy next to me an 11 hour day lol.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.
  2. Anonymous 10

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    It's peak the rest of the year when they do it it's just logistics.
  3. menotyou

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    Because they don't pay bennies on anything over 8.
  4. AKX

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    Those drivers going home need to demand their 8 and work as helpers. Dont they know easy money when they see it. 10 hours yesterday for me. 56 total last week, cha ching!
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    11 hours? Sounds like a normal day to me.
  7. Backlasher

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    As Capt. Kirk would say; Beam me up Scotty!
  8. Ghost in the Darkness

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    Really?! I didn't think they had started the logistics method yet.
  9. hellfire

    hellfire no one considers UPS people."real" Teamsters.-BUG

    ask that long line of seasonal help who gets paid 8 bucks a hr that
  10. gostillerz

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    I'm bottom seniority reg/temp, and outside seasonals are driving while they beg me to be a helper monkey for 3 hours a day.
  11. Monkey Butt

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  13. over9five

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    Yikes, I had to work 1/2 hour OT last night.

    Oh, the humanity!!!
  14. gostillerz

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  15. soberups

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    Were the drivers who got sent home laid off, or did they request the day off?

    Check your contract. Around here, no seniority driver can be laid off if helpers are being used.
  16. 728ups

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    nobody is laid off in my building,but with routes being cut and the ensuing chaos there is NO shortage of people who'd rather go home than work 12-13 hours.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Not that it would ever happen, but this wouldn't be an issue if each of these drivers demanded their 8 hour guarantee.
  18. hdkappler

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    talked to a fellow who works at a grocery store yesterday who was so happy for the last two weeks that he got overtime for two weeks.first ot in over 1 year.he was so happy.next week no more ot.i bet you guys make more in 30 hours as he did in70.since i've been retired i have talk to people who happy they had a job.
  19. 728ups

    728ups offending people on the internet since 1995

    In my center the Part Time Cover Drivers would be laid off if noone wanted to go home,and they have no 8 hour guarantee. It's a moot point ,as we high seniority drivers have been taking turns getting the day off. my last check had over 2000 hours for the year so i can skate a bit now
  20. packageguy

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    We have the same problem, 10 guys go home,
    but last week I ask those guys for a favor,
    please stay and see what they would
    have you do. They were ask to take work
    off drivers, and sent some helpers home.
    Bottom line don't go home, it cost you
    money and your pension don't get funded.