19 years of credit, how much in pension?

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  1. EDDIE138301

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    Maybe someone has been down this road. I worked for UPS from 1983 -2002. I had to quit because of a shoulder injury in 2002. I teach school now but after hitting the age of 50, I would like to know if the money I put in the pension plan is still there and would I get any of it when I reach a certain age. Does anyone know anybody that put 19 years in and collected on any of the pension?
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    Eddie have you tried contacting the pension plan administrator?
  3. EDDIE138301

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    I sent an email to UPS retirement today. I talked to the union office here and they gave me an 800 number to call. I called it and emailed my info to them. I was just wondering how much per month I might get one day down the road.
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    You were in the union for 19 years and do not know how to get ahold of your local? I would think that you won't be able to collect a pension until your normal retirement age, usually 60.
  5. EDDIE138301

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  6. EDDIE138301

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    If you will read again what I wrote I did call my local and they gave me the UPS 800 number to call. I teach school now and I was just wondering about the pension. So you think it will be the age of 60?
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    Check with your plan administrator for the rules in your area. With 19 years you will be a vested participant in all of the plans ive heard of. It sounds as if you need to update your contact info with the plan you belong to. Contact the local you belonged to. They will be able to steer you in the right direction.
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    I assumed you were in a Teamster pension plan. Was this full time or part time?
  9. EDDIE138301

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    Full Time Package car
  10. kpres1961

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    if u can still log onto upsers.com u can calculate it there.
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    you'll have to wait till age 62 .for no penalty amount will very by what state you live in