1995 Early Retirement/Buyout Ready to Collect

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  1. OH-58A

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    It is getting close to the time to collect my retirement.
    I have received my paperwork.
    Has anyone started or been through this process?
    Has the amount grown/changed from what was discussed?
    I elected to wait until I was 59.5 to collect.
    According to the sheet I received from H, the amount is over $610 less then what is on the retirement paperwork signed on June 16, 1995.
    Are there any issues encountered on this difference.
    I sent that question to HR and they sent their standard reply.

    "Your inquiry will be forwarded to a Retirement Counselor who will be able to assist you further. We process the requests in the order in which they are received. Please be advised that the response for processing can take up to 30 business days. Once complete this information will be mailed out to the address that we have on file."

    Thanks for your replies
  2. Jim Krolak

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    How have you progressed on the 1995 buyout retirement info you were searching for?

    I too took the buyout from Metro Chicago district in August of 1995 and am starting to hunt for answers now.