1st time calling in, and have made seniority

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    Ok, like most people on the preload I work a second job, 4-midnight at one job and then of course 4-9ish on pre load. Well I am never late, and dont have too many misloads. I am on one of the heavyest PD's in my center with 22 trucks on my line. I know its peak season, and I know that its not the time to be calling in. Well last night I twisted my ankle on my other job, and put it on ice when i got home. I got up this morning and put on some wrap and strapped up my boots, but knew i was not going to be able to keep the pace, so i called my preload sup and let him no the deal. He cried and moaned saying that he cant make me come in, but that it was going to be documented tommorow when i get in. I know its my responsibility to make it in to my shifts, and I have never had a problem before, but the first time i call in, i get this kind of reaction. I know plenty of people who call in on a weekly basis. I have made seniority and have been working since the beggining of august. Is there anything I should know, or be aware of? I have not had any formal write ups for anything before. Just trying to see what kind of mess I am going to be walking into at 3:45 in the morning.

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    Every manager is different, and every center is different. the most they'll probably due is document it in your pittsburgh just in case it becomes a problem. But if your a hard worker, they'll most likely turn a blind eye.
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    They just need to remember your life is not UPS and move on. People do get sick, hurt and do run into family dilemas. Dont sweat it.
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    Contrary to what the supes tell you, the company will not grind to a halt if you can't make it to work. Although most are cool when you call in, some will put you through the Spanish Inquisition. Don't sweat it.

    P.S. If you do call in sick just make sure that you don't golf at the same club as your center manager.:wink2:
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    You can call in 6 times every six months before you will get a warning letter. A good worker will never come close to that. So don't worry about it, just dont make it a habit.
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    Should call in atleast an hour before start time. If this is the first time you've done it, nothing will be done. I've been out 2 days in a row and was told I need a doctor's note. Never brought one in and never was asked about it. I've worked with quite a few people that could wallpaper their house due to various termination letters for (fill in whatever reason here) and they still have their jobs. Don't sweat it.
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    I've got ya beat. I went for 17 years (yes YEARS) without calling in sick. Then I threw my back out and went to the doctor and he pulled me out of work. The next day the center manager called me at home and his exact worrds were to "get my ass back to work and quit faking it" UPS- ya gotta love them
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    There's an interesting story in there somewhere :)
  9. I fell off a ladder hanging Christmas lights and messed up my shoulder so I called in about 3 hours before start time. The only thing they said when I came back was "Are you ok? Im glad you make it in today and you were missed yesterday" Haha even the drivers were like "I'm glad you are back, the guys they had loading your trucks didnt know what the freak they were doing"
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    Don't sweat it. It's better that you call off and rest it rather than coming into UPS and making it worse. If y0ou made it it worse and they knew it was injure at your other job then they would hold that against you faster than you calling off.
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    Dear Ucfmanic,
    here the best advice i was given by a steward about calling in.
    When you call simple say hi its me joe whoever calling in for the day, when the sup starts to cry or make threats just hang up the phone, you not asking your telling him your sick, end of story. I f you have a jerk sup you may ned to also call steward just to back up the call in.
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    OK, now let's hear it from the supe's point of view. I never busted a guy's chops if he called in sick. Hell, if a guy came to work a little bit sick, I would ask him to call as soon as he could if he wasn't able to come in the next night. I even gave out my home phone.
    And that is all a reasonable person (yes, supes are persons) can ask. Every hour headstart that one of my people can give me in the search for finding a replacement, that is another hour I can use to call other people or even other shifts to get an hourly in that slot. Despite what you read in this forum, supes do not want to do the work themselves.
    So, if as soon as you got home from your first job, if you had called your supe or the office in which he works, then I say you did your due dilligence. If you waited until 30 minutes prior to your start time, then you can take your gripe and stick it inside the orafice of your choice.
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    Just something to check with your steward for future reference,in our local if you call in 1 day or a dozen, as long as it is consecutive counts as one discrepancy towards discipline.People get sick,have family things come up etc. no big deal and can usually be worked out,what will get you eventually is the minute late here and there,day or two a week and so on.All depends on your sup.,who you piss off and so on,bottom line is your local B.A. will likely tell you not much they can do, you are either at work or not and is your responsibility to fix.(for example 45 discrepancies in 4 months etc. will get the eyes looking your way)
    Happy Holidays!
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    You my friend just might be in the minority....you sound like a good sup, although even if I was/am sick I always come in, don't punch in, tell them I am sick then leave, most are ok with it, and I hardly even catch a cold.....although PEAK is a different situation, but if your sick your sick it happens
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    Yea, I am guessing maybe i just caught him yesterday morning at a bad time. When i got in today, I came in about 10 mins early in case anything went down, i just went and started loading my trucks. Later on her came by and just acknowledged I was there, never said anything about it. So thats a load off... ;-) Thanks for the replies guys
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    3:45??? in the morning??? I don't think peak is anywhere near your building yet... When it gets to 1:00 and 1:30... That is peak...

    Go see a doctor... Get a ankle brace that PREVENTS you from wearing your work shoe and they have NO CHOICE but to allow you to go home for NOT WEARING PROPER FOOT WEAR...

    They will just doccument that they spoke to you... No big deal...

    You called an hour before start time? The reason I ask is that I was once told that anything less is considered a "23* No Call"...
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    At our center you must speak to a Supervisor... But the supes don't get in until 30 or 45 minutes before start time...:surprised: