2 killed in separate traffic accidents

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    2 killed in separate traffic accidents - AZ Central

    Ed Torres, 39, was killed about 8 p.m. Wednesday when the driver of a 1994 Buick collided with his brown UPS delivery truck at Peoria and 65th avenues, said Officer Matt Barnett, a Glendale police spokesman.

    The truck was knocked on its side and burst into flames, trapping Torres inside the delivery vehicle, Barnett said. He was pronounced dead at the scene
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    Ed was a good guy he will be missed by his ups family.
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    too many drivers, too short of life
  4. Ed was a very honest and sincere person who will be missed by many.
  5. I am Ed's high school friend, does anyone have information on his funeral services?. Any information would be gratly appreciated. Please email me at scar0529@aol.com.
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    I was Ed's Brother In-Law for 9 years and loved him like a brother. He will be sorely missed
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    The Ed Torres Fund has been set up to help his wife and children, to contribute:

    1. Go to any Bank of America and make a donation to the "Ed Torres Fund", an Arizona housed account.

    2. Mail your donation to
    The Ed Torres Fund
    c/o Bank of America
    3110 W. Carefree Hwy.
    Pheonix AZ 85086

    The branch phone number is 623-434-2260
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    I'm very sorry for your loss chukyr. {{{hug}}}
  9. The funeral was so sad. His UPS family made a strong showing of just how loved he was by all of you. I know his family found comfort in all of your support.

    You can also make donations to Ed's 2 older daughters from his first marriage: Claire who is 12 and Gabby 9. Please send donations or sympathy cards to:

    The Torres/Rall Family at 911 E. Berridge Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

    God Bless all his little girls, what a loss for the 4 of them...
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    To chukyr, I'm very sorry for your loss. Ed was a really great guy. He adored his girls. They meant everything to him. Please watch over them. My prayers are with you at this time. take care
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    Ed, I miss u so much. That smile of yours just always made my day. Because of that u will never be forgotten. May u rest in peace............ :crying:
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    Whatever happened to the kid who caused all of this?
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    The only thing that happend to the other driver was a broken ankle. Not sure what type of jail time the punk is doing.
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    I was just wondering if anyone was going to maybe help his wife decorate for the holidays for the children. I know its a tuff time but, the little ones don't quiet understand yet. I was in her position about 12 years ago. I do feel for her and just want her to know it will get a little easier as long as she just thinks of the girls at this time and know that Ed will always be with her to get her through. If nothing else the girls are what will get her through this. Trust me thats what got me through it...............................