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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by scratch, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. scratch

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    Today I saw the new 2007 UPS Calendar and am wondering what my fellow co-workers think of it. In honor of our Centennial Anniversary, the theme seems to be to show real UPS employees doing volunteer work to improve their communities. The professional model look is gone from last year, eleven photos with average looking people take their place. August has a painting of Jim Casey, our founder.

    I think it is nice, since I do volunteer work on my own. But I do miss the outdoor scenery with a Package Car, Feeder, or airplane in it.:thumbup1:
  2. 1980

    1980 Member

    I also miss the scenery and settings around the world of the old calendars.Customers on my route used to horde them like a kid with candy on halloween.Dont think the newer ones will gain the same favor.Expected a real barn burner for the 100 th anniversary.
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I've seen like 6 people flip through the calender and each one said the same thing when they came to the picture of the UPS Freight guys....."So they are the reason we can't get replacement pants or DIADS." I thought the same thing. So now we share our equipment as well as our pension with them. Anyway....I don't like our calenders. This year or any year before. Actually I don't like any of UPS advertising. It is way to corportate and dull. I hate to say it but I think FedEx is kicking our butts as far as advertising is concerned.
  4. worldwide

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    big arrow up posted "I hate to say it but I think FedEx is kicking our butts as far as advertising is concerned."

    Fedex certainly has had some funny ads but is that the true measure of an ads effectiveness? The Bud lizards were very funny but I hate Bud and would not drink it no matter what commercials they had.

    UPS has won many awards in the advertising/branding industry such as:

    New York American Marketing Association’s EFFIE Awards
    UPS’s “What Can Brown Do For You?®" advertising campaign in June 2004 earned a Gold EFFIE Award.

    BtoB Magazine
    The magazine’s June 7, 2004, issue cites the “What Can Brown Do For You?" campaign as one of the best integrated advertising campaigns.

    Harris Interactive/Reputation Institute Corporate Reputation Survey
    UPS moved to No. 2 in the survey in 2003, rising from No. 15 in 2001.

    Forbes Magazine’s “Most Valuable Corporate Brands”
    UPS ranked No. 9 out of 25 companies in March 2004.

    CoreBrand’s “Corporate Brand Power”
    UPS ranked No. 4 in the 2003 list of powerful brands.

    City Business Journals Network’s American Brand Excellence Awards
    UPS was named Best Business Services Brand in May 2004.

    2004 International Business Awards
    UPS received a “Stevie” for Best Marketing Organization for its March 2003 global rebranding initiative.

    Transportation Marketing and Communications Association (TMCA)
    UPS captured two “Tranny” awards: in 2004 for the global rebranding initiative, and as Best Advertising Campaign in 2003 for “What Can Brown Do For You?"

    NASCAR Marketer of the Year
    UPS’s inaugural NASCAR advertising helped the company become the 2001 NASCAR Marketer of the Year – the only time a first-year sponsor has received this honor.
  5. MR_Vengeance

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    when are they gonna put some sexy women in browns on those calendars?
  6. over9five

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    "when are they gonna put some sexy women in browns on those calendars?"

  7. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    You mean "Spinner" is featured in August. He is spinning in his grave.
  8. dave_socal

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    Don't go spreading B.S. about sharing our pensions with any new part of UPS, teamster or not, you will get what you are due(I'm speaking for Western Conferance of Teamsters Pension) as for your equipment/ uniforms that must be a regional issue I turn in my browns and get immediate replacements at any sign of wear no problem.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Spreading "B.S."??? Since when is stating a nationally known fact considered "spreading B.S." ?? And I'm speaking for the Central States), which, in case you hadn't heard, is in shambles. But I guess that is just "B.S." as well.
  10. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    can we try to stay on topic for once, please?

    the 2006 calendar was sharp. great photography; they even made the inside of a 53' trailer look nice. the other one with the little slogans for each month was very cute, too.

    i'll miss it, but i agree with you, for the 100 years, it's a nice touch.

    No doubt that FX has better advertising and marketing than us. But this doesn't mean UPS' marketing lacks. It's just less flashy (read: less funny)
  11. dumbsup

    dumbsup Member

    The main theme to me was diversity...
  12. rocket88

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    I don't know where you are in Central States, but I am in Central States also and I can tell you for a bona fide fact that UPS Freight around here HAS NOT EVEN BEEN ORGANIZED YET!!! Therefore, it would be impossible for them to be sharing in our Central States pension, wouldn't you agree.
    I do agree with you that our pension plan is indeed in shambles.
  13. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    i saw the pensions were the central theme for the months of january, march, april, august, october, and december.

    thanks for your comments regarding the calendar. :mad:
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I finally saw a commercial for UPS that I actually liked. The one where the girl walks by the guy in the building and when he goes to get on the elevator a few seconds later the same girl comes out of the elevator.
  15. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I liked the one with DJ when their testing something new...

    ....and the package car flies by with the jet engines mounted to each side!
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I'm not a DJ fan. Not even close to it. But that commercial is alright. The commercials that dissappoint me are the regular, non DJ related commercials. They just seem so dry. So corporate. It's like the people that come up with the investing commercials also make UPS commercials. The FedEx commercials tend to highlight the fact that their rates are cheaper. UPS should concentrate on the fact that we are faster, more effecient across the board. And should be doing so with a touch of humor. That's why I like the commercial with the girl comming out of the elevator.
  17. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    that's my least favorite commercial, but that doesn't mean it's a bad commercial.

    UPS markets itself really well, remember that successful marketing depends on more than just ads. Take, for example, UPS' huge sponsorship with fashion week, and its alignment to fashion designers.

    About the FedEx ads, they talk nothing about rates, just that they can do anything to meet a company's shipping needs in a hilarious manner. UPS is more focused on its brand.
  18. UPScomputerGUY

    UPScomputerGUY New Member

    Myself as well as most of my coworkers think its the most pathetic calendar ever. For the Centennial year it should be pictures of Milestones in UPS History ... Although if they included a picture of the Stock Exhange on IPO day i would have to tear that page out!
  19. ImStillHere

    ImStillHere New Member

    I have been fairly disappointed in the past 2 years calendars.
    Honestly, I don't want a picture of some old feeder driver hanging up in my office, or on my wall at home! (No offence to any "old" feeder drivers, but I don't want pictures of people I don't know hanging on my wall!!)

    Basically we took a bunch of random pictures of random people and put it in a calendar and called it a day!

    I would have thought UPS would have done something to commemorate the centennial. I agree with a previous poster that it would have been nice to see UPS through the century in a calendar.
  20. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Several years ago we had calendars that were beautiful. Remember these pictures?

    The feeder driving thru the mountains.

    The package car pulled up to a house at Christmastime.

    The UPS plane flying.

    I wish I still had it!
    The last few calendars have sucked. 2007 is the worst of all.