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    When I first came back from driving school, I went into being a TCD at 85% the ground top rate. Since then I have had to take a 22.3 (inside/air combo) so that the part timer below me, didn't pass me in seniority for when a FT ground job opened up. For our building when a TCD goes FT ground, he/she maintains the 85% top rate pay, until progression catches up. My question is how long after taking the inside/air job do I have until I would have to completely restart the pay progression for a FT ground job once I get it. I've heard 6 months, 12 months, and also that since there is still driving in my job, even though it's only air, I would never lose my qualification or TCD rate. Thank you for your time.
  2. You will be stuck at that rate until the full time progression rates passes up what you make.

    With 22.4 jobs, who knows??
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    So I would maintain that previous rate for however long it takes me to go back to ground?
  4. You don't get ground rate for a 22.3 job
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    I'm asking how long after taking this 22.3 do I have before I lose my TCD rate when I get a FT ground job.
  6. I honestly do not know the answer to that. That's a question to ask your steward.
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  8. We don't have TCD here so I can't answer his question.
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    What region are you in
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    As soon as you qualify in the 22.3 job.
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    You keep the TCD rate of pay when going full time ground. You lose it going to any other full time position
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