22.3 Pay Rate Question/Rant

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by SweatPit, May 20, 2016.

  1. SweatPit

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    I was fortunate enough to get a 22.3 job after 9 years at the end of July of 2015. Super blessed I got one. I was still under qualifying until 90 work days in.

    The yearly pay raise happened at the beginning of August of 2015. ($.70 or $.80 cents) So I missed out on that by 1 or 2 weeks. But I was still "qualifying" if that matters?

    Here is the other problem I have.

    There are other UPS employees with lower seniority then me that got a Article 22.3 job AFTER August 1st. So they are currently making more per hour than me, and will so for another 3 years until I pass my current $17.02 rate.

    I know life is unfair, but I just think that is hogwash that there are other employees with LESS building seniority then me that will be getting paid more per hour then me for the next 3 years for doing the same work as me since they landed a job after August 1st.

    No way around this huh? Anyone else have a similar situation?
  2. Gumby

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    Think about the future not the short term.
    You will be ahead if those guys on the seniority list plus working more hours.
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  3. Turdferguson

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    If you are red circled at your part time rate how are they making more than you if they just got their bids and started out at 15.00 per hour
  4. SweatPit

    SweatPit New Member

    I do and grateful with the combo I have. Not sure how I will be working more hours then them?

    Excuse my ignorance, never heard of being red circled? Since it took so much seniority to get a full time job, I am just saying I know of 5 workers that have months or so less difference in seniority then me that went full time in August and are making more then I am per hour. So I am making $17.02, yet they are making $17.70. They will hold that $17.70 for 3 years until the 3rd year which bumps you up to $20, while I will be at $17.02 for those 3 years. Catch my drift?
  5. Skooney

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    Red circled means your rate of pay is lower than that of progression, and you receive the stated progression rate.

    However, I do not believe you can be red circled if your rate is higher than progression. You should be receiving the standard raises. I believe that is covered in Article 41.
  6. Indecisi0n

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    There is a way around it, go back to driving or stop crying. You got a position a lot would kill for and your complaining before you even qualify.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have it backwards. Red circled means that your current rate of pay is higher than that of progression. You will continue to be payed at that rate until progression catches up to you.
  8. DriverNerd

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    Yes, it is unfair, but now you have more full-time seniority than them...and that is very important. And when you finally get to progression when it is higher than your current rate you will be bumped up to that rate, while the rest will be at the lower rate. I know it sucks, but seniority means way more than you realize. Especially when bidding for another job, overtime, and vacations.

    Don't think about how they make more than you, think of it this^ way.
  9. SweatPit

    SweatPit New Member

    I was never "crying" you should open your eyes and read. Same goes for your last comment.

    Exactly. Like I stated in my original message, I am grateful with my job, just wanted to post my rant on how the scale works and being "red circled" for 3 years.

    Well the "rest" I am mainly concerned about have weeks or months of difference in building seniority. As I stated previously, they will be making 70-80 cents more per hour for 3 full years with less seniority. Due to the fact they didnt get red circled until AFTER the Aug. Raise. Granted I will hit scale before them, but only by weeks or a couple of months.

    I just believe my pay rate should be the same as them is all. I dont like the fact that someone with less seniority is getting more per hour then me for 3 years.

    But if that is how it works, that is how it works. I just dont believe that is fair.
  10. Bottom rung

    Bottom rung Active Member

    We had drivers under the new contract getting paid more than drivers that started under the old. It's the way it goes, you've got seniority. The only thing money can't buy. It'll pay off and you'll laugh at this nonsense soon enough.
  11. SweatPit

    SweatPit New Member

    Right on. I know it will pay off in the end when I start making the big bucks.