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    Can anyone help me out with this situation. I'm a 22.3 combo(irreg depot/ pm air driver.) I have 18 years of service. I went fulltime back in 2001 which put me in my classification as a 22.3 combo. Now, let say a package car driver that have 25 years decide to bid back in the building as a 22.2 inside/ inside. He work irreg depot the first half and missort slide the second half. By him biding back into the building his seniority classification change. Which started in 2005. My question to you which one of us have more seniority.
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    What does your supplement say? Every region is different.

    If the FT package driver has more seniority in FT years then he probably has seniority over you. But that might not be correct because some supplements state that when you bid from driving to inside or vice versa you start over with classification seniority that trumps the FT seniority date. At least that is my understanding. All depends on your supplment language.