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  1. BigUnionGuy

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    Who is being forced to fill out an application, to be a 22.4 driver ?

    Are you on the 9.5 list ?

    How many grievances have you filed, regarding this ?
  2. 22.34life

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    Your grievance will lose.lets say that the answer was just to hire more f/t drivers.then when they lay them off its another problem,the 22.4 allows them to work inside with out falling into the layed off driver.its not perfect.
  3. Brown287

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    Our contract in NorCal also has language protecting those RPCD’s who choose to opt off the 9.5.

    In other words your overtime is still there if you so desire it. I can’t speak for all supplements but in mine the language covering 22.4’s is at the very end of our supplement section in the contract book.

    It covers the implementation of 22.4’s and their designed impact on RPCD’s both those who do and don’t opt on the 9.5 list.
  4. sandwich

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    Ok, how about stop cutting routes.
  5. truckofdreams

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    The 22.4 are not working preload they have replace all rpcd for the e am work. And have not included them in are bids. Also our understanding is the 22.4 is there to relive overtime for the drivers on the 9.5 list. So they would start at lest say 12pm work day shift then grab a car at 4 cover pick ups to get his 8 then the driver on the 9.5 list head ins when done with is Res work.
  6. truckofdreams

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    And they are cutting the unsigned routes and telling those rpcd if they want there 8 go and work in the building tonight. It’s bs what there doing down here in Florida
  7. sandwich

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    Is this a real question??
  8. sandwich

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    We don’t have enough staffing here in the PNW
  9. 542thruNthru

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    That was how 22.4s were sold but your supplmental doesn't say that. They are not there to relieve you of OT. They are there for UPS to have a cheaper weekend driver.
  10. PT Car Washer

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    Not just weekends. Looks like the new face of UPS delivery drivers.
  11. 22.4 drivers and part time car washers?
  12. Staydryitsraining

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    I call bs. Or a spineless building
  13. truckofdreams

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    Yes spineless building union has told us to file everything until panel which is a couple months away. So that all everyone is doing.
  14. Yolo

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    We just added 50% more Saturday routes in our center. More 22.4s are coming. Less work on Monday.
  15. BigUnionGuy

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    Which one ?

    Maybe.... you could mention that to management ?
  16. sandwich

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    Maybe that should have been mentioned to denis t before handing the company 22.4’s

    I’m not even going to acknowledge your other ridiculous questions. You should already know that answer
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    They can move extra work to other routes or 22.4s if they need it to satisfy the minimum 8 hours of work. But they won’t stop there because 22.4s aren’t meant to relieve certain drivers of OT while permitting others to keep the desired extra work. They are meant to allow UPS to create routes (combination or not) that are cheaper to run and on the weekends.

    Sounds like your center is attempting take full advantage of 22.4s. Your only valid beef is the layoffs. No RPCD is supposed to be laid off or displaced from the classification while 22.4s are working. The Southern Supplement drops our driver pay to hub pay after seven consecutive days of layoff out of classification. So, them bumping you into the building will be costly for drivers and savings for corporate.

    This was all planned. Apathetic/lazy members and a spineless/corrupt union helped make this happen. Maybe next time people will get off social media and fantasy football long enough to vote and not only base their decision on raises?
  18. Grey

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    We have them driving around and doing our bulk leftovers and covering pick ups. It’s been great (to this point).
  19. PizzaToUps

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    15 year part time employee finally decided to go driver and chose a 22.4 job over a 22.3 because they wanted a higher starting wage.
  20. Bit he would also be making the same wage as a 22.4 drivers versus a split wage as a 22.3 driver.