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Damn must be nice. I’m a 224 still doing about 50 hours a week. Supe didn’t even want to let me use an option day for a root canal I need to have done.
The moment you drop to 40 I bet you start crying your eyes out. Especially if you had to split shift.

"Wwwwaaahhhh where is the union. I'm not satisfied with my service. "


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Oh shut up... your generation started this :censored2:. The blood is on your hands!


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I can't help but kind of laugh about this stuff. All we've heard from every 22.4 is how they should be paid the same because all they do is drive. Now they're in the building performing the other side of their job for a much higher pay than a preloader and they are freaking out! Lol

Duuuuude, I've noticed the exact same!

I would be ecstatic if I could load trucks and still receive my driver pay. I honestly think that job would be a happy career.