3 breakdowns in 1 day

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by vet, Jun 16, 2005.

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    That's a 10th of our delivering fleet. Let me say that our ctr mechanic is GREAT, but.........
    Since this truck swap happened, this has been the norm. At least 1 b/d a week!
    The PTB decided to keep all make & models in 1 area (sounds good on paper); so we got all the junk (spares from other ctrs). The mechanic wants to quit & mgt rarely lets him work OT. I wish someone high up the food chain would be held accountable for this major FUBAR.
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    My mechanic is great also, but every time I get a swap it is a major headache. One morning I had a truck that on pretrip, the 4 ways wouldnt stay on, the am mechanic tried to convince me if I played with it enough it would, altho he tried at least 10 times and the button would not stay in. I just said, no way bucko, I dont have time to do that 130 times+ a day. Its not safe. The center was very put out that they had to give me a truck for air, and bring it out to me when it was fixed. Then I had them meet me at my first stop, and because of major dispatch FUBARS, my first stop was on another driver. It was a wonderful overtime day.
  3. A few weks ago one of the rear recaps on a tire came loose and was flopping against the floor of the pkg car.I could not get it all the way off.I called in and the dist mgr answered the phone.Telling him my problem, he told me just go ahead and drive it and it would eventuallu come off....Duh!...so I followed orders and sure enough it did, after beating a hole im the floor.That put the car out of service for a week,because they could not find anyone to weld aluminum.I am surprised they didn't charge me with an accodent.
  4. when I was new at ups,my accerator cable broke and again,that district manager told me to take off the engine cover,puy my foot in the carb and bring it home that way.I did it,it was scary,the wind was so bad it was like I was on a motorcycle.And it was freezing.Luckily I made it.
  5. clarkie

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    Come on, people.
    If it's not safe, don't drive it.
  6. gadistrict

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    That is just flat out ridiculous. Guys, we can't force you do something that jeapordizes your safety. After all, we're always preaching about safety, and you guys get annoyed with that too. Stand your ground with your ctr manager and tell him to get his butt down to your truck, and drive it back. I can't believe the number of idiot center managers that are out there.
  7. toonertoo

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    I have been told to drive without left side mirrors when they got whapped off by a semi, when an outside dually blew, and at that time I didnt realize how much that could jeapordize walkers, I do now,,,, without wipers in a rainstorm thru 2 school zones, with a cracked manifold for 7 days straight, (on order). The list could go on, but it is redundant. Now I know if it isnt safe, I am parking it, end of story, but when you are new you do worry....that maybe it is OK, maybe it is just me. After carbon monoxide poisoning, I just dont do it if I dont feel it is safe. They can fix it or I will just go home. I am usually right.
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    I nearly always brought them home, even took one into the old Soto hub on fire. The muffler had blown earlier in the day, and it started putting smoke in the cab on the way back to the barn. I stopped but could see no reason for smoke. I drove it another five miles, parking it right in front of the mechanic. The muffler had burned a hole through the plywood floor into the packages in the back. It was a smoky evening in the building that day; the sorters had to stop until the smoke cleared.
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    I am in Florida and we have had downpour after downpour down here.
    My driver side wiper will not clean the glass even thought the mechanic has put on several new blades. The glass in the windshield is not flat and I only get about the top 2" and the bottom 2" that the blade will wipe clean.
    The mechanic supervisor told my mechanic that he can not replace the glass.
    I was REALLY hoping for rain today, because I was going to park it and tell them to bring me a different truck and let the boss drive it in.
    Maybe Monday??
  10. clarkie

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    Rain? Put a fresh coat of rain-x on there every 2 weeks. Works like a champ.
    Never had a problem with my wipers, but I did it once, and there is no turning back. That should be part of the car washers routine. That stuff is awesome.
  11. toonertoo

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    The car wash putting RainX on the windows....Im laughing so hard my stomache hurts. OUr poor car wash isnt allowed to take the time to wash the windows daily, or the cars, for that matter, my truck still is full of soot from a fire at our building 18 months ago. But you know safety is so damn important at UPS. So what if 65 drivers or so still get these carcinogens in their body daily.
    WORNOUT, I am praying for rain!!!!!! Talking doesnt work, you have to "drive" the point home.
  12. proups

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    I agree with gadistrict: if it ain't safe, don't drive it.

    Remember: Safety First! [​IMG]
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    We have to drive whats on the lot. We have NO extra cars. When we have to send a car to get painted, shop, ect.... we have to cut a route due to lack of cars. Way to go Atlanta, good planning ahead. And as far as what Corporate deems as safe is totally different from what the drivers that drive them deem as safe. Thats arleady been proved with the P500's.
  14. crappie

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    Cut a route do to lack of cars that is a old trick to get you to run, faster faster!!!!
  15. goldnolefan

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    our car wash details the cars buffs waxes and puts rain-x on the windshield. my mechanic is great never had a problem. i drive a 1974 p-600 ford. runs like new. and looks new.
  16. toonertoo

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    goldnolefan, do you work in disney, or are you just lucky? They wont give the carwash hours to do anything in N ohio. Most days the back door gets washed, maybe one side, The inside, not applicable...but leave a cup in your holder and it has to be thrown away, because it doesnt look good, sitting in the building that way. Gotta cut those costs, ya know. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is ludicrous. They could do a good job if management would let them. Just like we all could, go back to being a service company, instead of a tyrranical, sub human empire.
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    You could say that goldnolefan works in disneyland:
    OrgID: UPS-9
    City: MAHWAH
    StateProv: NJ
    PostalCode: 07430
    Country: US

    NetRange: -
    NetName: UPS
    NetHandle: NET-153-2-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-153-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: NSA.UPS.COM
    NameServer: NSB.UPS.COM
    RegDate: 1991-09-12
    Updated: 2002-03-15

    TechHandle: ZU12-ARIN
    TechName: United Parcel Service
    TechPhone: +1-201-828-2480
    TechEmail: [email protected]
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    In other words, he aint no hourly. Typical no integrity lying management person pretending to be a driver.
    Thanks Susie
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    Thanks Susie, that is too cool. It shows that we are being watched, there are aliens among us. I knew it wasnt just me. Now if only someone of some importance could lurk in here and see that we employees are trying to keep this company profitable, and those in the numbers games are killing the base of customers and the employees will, to do a fair days work. Mikey, are you out there???????
  20. trickpony1

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    ...and management wonders where we get our attitudes.