3 Classy Philly Eagles

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wkmac, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I'm a Steeler and Penguin fan so there is no love in my house for the Eagles or Flyer teams. My brother lives in Philly and he shares many stories of the good things that the players do for charity and the less fortunate. I admire the individuals who do things like this.

    Thanks for posting the link.
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    Hate the venue.....but definitely a great surprise for this young man and a worthwile effort by the sports stars. Did I actually hear Whoopie breaking up? Brings tears to your eyes. Good find, wkmac.
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    Ok. I admit I didn't watch the video. I don't care how emotional it was, Jackson's agent needed him there to start mending his image. I might also suggest the young man find a better role model. (Too cynical? What do you expect. It's 4:15 am!)
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    Expect? Nothing less. Pretty typical.
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    I'm touched. Didn't know I garnered so much attention.