3 Men Rob UPS Driver At Petaluma Verizon Store, Police Say

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    3 Men Rob UPS Driver At Petaluma Verizon Store, Police Say - Patch

    Three suspects are at large after taking boxes containing cellphones and watches, Petaluma police said.

    Three men are sought in the robbery of a UPS driver Friday morning outside a Petaluma Verizon store, police said. The UPS driver stopped to make a delivery to Verizon at 401 Kenilworth Drive and at 10:48 a.m. as he was unloading packages from the truck, two men "pushed and grabbed several boxes off his hand truck," according to a statement from the Petaluma Police Department.

    The two robbers got into a Silver Hyundai SUV with new dealer plates, driven by a third suspect, police said.
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    Anyone with half a brain knows that all these electronic devices are assigned a specific ESN and will be useless when reported stolen.
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    You can still use all the parts
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    Inside job
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    10:48?!?!? Must have been late air, if the driver had delivered this on time then this could have been avoided.
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    Several years ago a PT supe stole a high dollar phone.
    He put his SIM card in it, they tracked it, he was fired and, I think, subjected to relevant laws.

    "...half a brain..." pretty much sums it up.
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    boy is he in trouble.