3 Questions - Will A Seat Belt Violation Prevent Me From Driving? AND

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    During the DOT physical exam -- is the urinalysis taken from the UPS employee strictly for assssment of medical conditions within the body; such as kidney infection, protein in the urine, high blood sugar. OR is the urinalysis strictly administered for substance abuse testing? OR is it both?:nobrainzombis:
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    They are checking for sugar only. If you are one of these guys who likes to rock the chronic and are thinking of driving for a career I'd suggest a life change. If they have reason for a probable cause test it's already to late for union intervention to save your job. You will be S O L.
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    Had my physical and piss test a few weeks ago. I peed in the cup, she went in and checked it, came out and said it's good. Not a drug test.