3 year progression rate.

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    I was under the old 3-year progression rate and my time is almost up. However I'm getting three different answers to when my driver anniversary date is and when ill be making top rate. If I started Jan 1 , 2012 , should my three year anniversary date be Jan 1 2015 or Feb 15 2015 (after I completed my 30 working day probationary period)?
    Im under the impression it should be Jan 1 2015 because those 30-day probationary period counted toward three progression. The shop steward believes its Feb 15 an HR believes it was Jan 15 ??

    So my question is this, when do I hit my three year mark??

    I have copys of my check stubs of when I started working as a driver ( hr difference from ft/pt work) and I receive my vacation hrs on Jan 1 ( so it further validates my assumption of when I should hit top rate). I understand the difference between my hire date and pt anniversary date vs driver anniversary date.

    Hopefully I was able to explain myself and I would appreciate any and all help regarding my question. Thanks in advance.
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    Are you talking about for driving? Where I'm at the progression doesn't go by calendar years, but accumulated weeks of driving, so a week where you don't drive doesn't even count. If it's different in other places this is news to me.
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    Yeah, this is in regards to me driving. Plus im in the Western Region (So Cali).
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    look at your pay stubs from january of last year and see when your progression raise was given that should be your answer
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    Wouldn't be jan 1. We get New Years off.
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    A list should be posted somewhere in your Center showing a seniority list, including those on progression. If you don't have one, get on the Steward.
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    Under the Western Region Supplement, your seniority date is the first day worked during your qualification period.

    Jan 1st is most likely not your first day worked since it a holiday, but let's say your first day worked is Jan 2.

    Once you qualified, your seniority date reverts back to the first day worked. This would be Jan 2.

    Article 41 of the National Master states that your progression is 1 year, 2 years and 3 years from your seniority date.

    It actually says Seniority Date plus 12 months, Seniority Date plus 24 months and so on.

    Your progression raises go into effect on Jan 2nd, or whatever date it was that you first worked.
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    Be sure to ask first, I've known stewards to get offended when you just get right on them