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    Can anyone give some insight into my situation — I am a PT to full time bid for package driver and I have 4 days left in my 30 days but am approaching the 120 day period. They worked me on and off up until peak season, then nonstop all through peak season and I hit my numbers but now the hub is so over staffed with drivers that they they’ve had me back in the warehouse for weeks. I’ve heard management is just riding out the days until some of us go past the 120 so they don’t have to grant us seniority since they have no work for us. Is it possible they could just dq me without even giving me opportunity to work the full 30 in 120 days? Or does this qualify as “the employee evading the agreement”
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    Depends on where you are. Some will say that your time during peak counts, yet in my building what you are describing happened to 2 guys. They made seniority in the Spring, but worked preload from after peak until Spring when they started driving again.
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    If they DQ you I would fight it all the way. How did you hear mgmt is doing that???
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    What supplement are you under? Have you read it?
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    Depends on your supplement and their staffing needs. If they are short on drivers for the summer, you will be fine. It's all about prep and having as less seasonal drivers for peak as possible.
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    Southern. And yes I’ve read it but it doesn’t say much other than you have 30 days to complete it in a 120 period, not counting peak season.
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    So they just didn’t worry about the 120 day thing and let them resume their probation period later in the year?
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    Through the grapevine of the warehouse. I’ve talked to my union steward already so just waiting to hear the outcome. There’s a few of us who are close to 30 days but they’ve had us back to part time in the warehouse since peak season was over. It’s one thing if I just have to wait for work to open up but not if they make me rebid and start all over again
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    I don't know about what supplement says what, but I have seen more than a few FT drivers with back-dated seniority dates for this reason. you might have something.
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    Start all over.
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    If they like you they will qualify you even if it's after the 120 day period. If they dont like you, they will use the 120 day period excuse to string you along and then disqualify you. If your numbers are good and you have been scratching then most likely they are just waiting to qualify you. The company did the same thing to me but as soon as drivers started going on vacay that's when they qualified me and a bunch of other guys.
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    The 120 calendar day period is a rolling time frame in which you need to drive 30 days. When the 121st day comes along, the original first day is dropped off and there is a new first day of the 120 day period. Subsequently, your first day driven also drops off.

    This is why it's important to keep track of not only the number of days driven, but also the date of those days while in your packet.