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    hey guys, I signed the bid list for a FT package delivery. I drove last peak as an RTD, I was never trained on any of the routes, I was on 3 different ones, and 1 of them the majority of peak. I just want to know what to expect differently than RTD. Thanks guys.
  2. Beware of Animal

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    also forgot to mention I start tomorrow lol.
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    Congratulations now you've gotta make your 30 days. the first few days will be hard and frustrating, but by Wednesday/ Thursday you should have a good idea of the run. Work safe and don't hit anything. If you don't know the runs area ask your Supervisor to get you manifest and go over it with a map. Did I say work safe and don't hit anything? good luck
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  4. Beware of Animal

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    Thanks man, I have gotten the general knowledge of it all, the hard part for me I think will be the area I'm not familiar with.
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    Since you've already driven you have a leg up on a lot of new guys. Just focus on learning delivery points and how much you can follow Orion. Good luck 8)
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    dont worry about not being familiar with the area, because thats pretty much going to be your life as a driver for a few years until you know all the routes. just get a map, take it easy, dont hit anything and limit your mistakes. you SHOULD stay on the same route throughout your training, so you will learn it. you can print out maps of the area you will be working, use google maps, etc but you are going to have to learn it by memory
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    Gavin, change your screen name. You'll be okay. See you in the morning.
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    During your 30 qualifying period, you will be on one route, so you will have plenty of time to get area knowledge. Go out and buy yourself a good street atlas book (map book) of the county you are in. Hagstrom is a good one. When I qualified I would use a hilighter and hilight the route and study it
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    I started during peak and I've come to realize it was a blessing. They literally didn't say a word to me for 30 days. I came to them and said I did my 30. They said oh OK coool. Your basically running scratch so your good.

    I remember those 30 days being like wow drivers are so dramatic. But then February hit, micromanaging began

    *yes I was the select few that qualified during peak"
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    Drive fast...Take chances!
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    in my center it is almost impossible to scratch. I literally ran all of my stops (lost 40 pounds lol) and didn't start scratching until my 4th/5th week. no one has passed probation since i passed last year i think they adjusted all the training routes or something.
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    How many didn't pass since you? Those that didn't pass started their progression though.
  16. california951

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    its been atleast 15 guys but now since the beginning of may they started 2 new drivers every week we need 20 before summer (lost a lot of drivers to feeder promotions) once those guys pass ill finally get out the pocket and on a route for more than one day...(crosses fingers)
  17. california951

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    5 of the 15 quit the first week (its very intense lol) the others got dq'd most of them are transfers i heard management doesn't like passing transfers.
  18. By The Book

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    I thought transfers had already passed probation and had seniority. The good news for you is all the new drivers will be under you in seniority. Amazon warehouse in your area?
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    If you transfer to a new building so you have to do your 30 days again?
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