4-6;6-8 following distance

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    Four to six second following distance for speeds under 30 mph, and six to eight seconds for speeds over 30 mph. It's part of the 10 point commentary, it sounds good and all, but have you really ever thought about this?

    At 60 mph, 8 seconds is 704 feet; the length of 2 1/3 football fields! How can this be done realistically? Is it possible to pick a marker and start counting when a vehicle is that far ahead of you?

    Like I said, it sounds all right and good, but if you were on the interstate and someone passes you, you would constantly be slowing down when they got in front of you.
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    And every time a car cuts in front of you, brake and move back to compensation. You'll be able to get off two airs by 10:30am.
  3. Wally

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    Never thought about it once. I'm old school. Drive and don't be stupid.

    I would love to see the data, 25 years ago vs now, injuries and accidents. When you factor in improvements like power steering and back up cameras, I would bet the number are identical.
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    I think it's worse now. When I was on the safety committee, I put together a presentation of hard facts displaying that increasing Stops Per Car has a direct impact on the increased amount of accidents and injuries. It was completely ignored. That was my last day as a Co-Chair.
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    Every time we (safety committee) are asked what we can do to cut down injuries/accidents I always answer "lower the SPC". I get the stink eye from the boss and the meeting ends.
  6. Dracula

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    In feeders, you're damn right you slow down when someone gets into your lane and cuts your distance down. Or you better. Who cares if you're constantly slowing down? The bottom line for you is if you rear end another vehicle, it's your fault. That's what UPS will say, and they will be right. They will only talk about it when you wreck or asking safety questions, but that doesn't matter.

    If you want a long career here, the one thing you better take seriously is how safe you are. Don't want to keep a safe following distance? You better hope those brakes save your ass.
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    Drac is right.

    once you have an incident, they go back and look at your telematics the last 30 days. There is over 100 sensors on the PC', take that into account ever single day you deliver!!!
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    Have you ever actually tried to do this in a vehicle? The distances sound like alot, but out in the real world it isn't that hard to do, and you cover great distances pretty fast. Also, when some enters your lane in front of you it isn't much to take your foot off the accelerator and coast to allow time for your FD to increase; really not necessary to brake at all, most of the time, unless that person is one of those jerks who gets in front of a car that is going faster than them and then SLOWS DOWN, but then, just change lanes if possible. However, with a 6-8 sec cushion while moving your eyes every two secs to get the big picture, you'll see these things well in advanced. It's even better in a package car or other larger vehicle because you can see over traffic.

    And yes, you can pick anything to set your following distance by. I routinely use shadows and stripes in the road as my benchmark to set my following distance.
  9. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    BTW, I find humorous that UPS' 8-12 sec of eye lead time is actually UNDER the minimum prescribed in the state of PA; the minimum here is 12 secs, with the range being 12-15 secs, as it is on the Smith's Driving Program, upon which the 5 seeing habits and 10-point commentary are based. However, I think I understand their reasoning; it's like three different zones of vision: 4-6, 6-8, 8-12, all contiguous. With the state and Smith's there is a gap in one's field of vision between the 6-8 and the 12-15. Still, it feels a little unsettling. I used to always get the 10-Point commentary wrong because I would insist on saying 12-15 secs of eye lead time vs 8-12.
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    this rule has saved me from close calls and accidents. its a good rule. i actually increase the distances when its raining or snowing. its easy to do when you practice it everyday.
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    Ive got the commentary down, have forgotten the seeing habits... I know each one, but not EVERYTHING in between... And i am probably one of the safer drivers... Definetly safer than one of my supes, who drives like a maniac!....that f'n hypocrit, lol!!!
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