4 way intersection with stop signs on each corner

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    I stopped at my stop sign, saw driver to my right slowing to stop to almost a complete stop, so i continued through intersection, my car was hit in rear by other driver. The other driver is saying they stopped and then hit me. Sounds to me like the other driver is trying to make it look like i ran the stop sign and thats why they hit me. No tickets were issued and i need to call insurance company to make statement. When UPS does a background check can UPS say i didn't clear intersection properly and this will keep me from becoming a driver? Whats the name of the company that does the background checks for UPS? i'm only asking because they may have already done my background check.
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    Ever heard the term
    Clear the intersection?
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    Should have beeped your horn.
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    With what?
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    rule is that if two vehicles arrive at stop signs at same time then the vehicle on right has right of way. i teach my children to give right of way to anyone who wants it.

    if you were not cited I am not sure what you have to worry about. do you live in a no fault state? they need a statement maybe to determine fault and/or liability.

    again, you state you were not cited. and i assume you were not charged with accident?

    then i don't think you have to worry. maybe you should see what your insurance company has to say about this with regards to UPS or speak to an attorney.
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    If you're saying no ticket was issued to you then it won't show up on you record so won't be an issue with UPS's motor vehicle background check.

    In my state the car in the rear would have been issued a ticket pretty much no matter what happened. UPS issue aside, be careful what you tell your insurance company don't let them screw you over this all sounds super sketchy.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    As long as you were not ticketed for the accident you should be fine. I believe UPS only looks at traffic convictions and not the number of accidents. Of course after you qualify you will be fair game.
  14. 46san

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    I was at the stop sign way before the other driver was, i was watching the front bumper of the other drivers car not the wheels(which i should have watching) and to me they did stop very briefly and then surged forward very quickly, i guess i'm doubting myself and saying they didn't completely stop because i'm afraid UPS will say this and that i didn't clear the intersection properly. I do drive part time for UPS , can this keep me from becoming a cover driver.
  15. PT Car Washer

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    As far as I know UPS only looks at traffic convictions. As this was in your own vehicle You should be okay.
  16. 46san

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    Thanks PT and olroadbeech i appreciate your input.
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    His beer.
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    Order your abstract from the DMV. That's what UPS sees.
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    I can't figure out why 4 way stops are so hard for people to understand. They are not that hard. Come to a stop and when it is you turn continue on your way.

    BTW I'm not directing this at the OP say saying.