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    Is it possible to transfer or roll my current 401k plan into a Roth or something similar, that will not be penalized, or not have fees for early withdrawl? The fact you have to take a loan out from your 401k, and pay it BACK......Outrageous.
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    It’s not savings account

    It’s a retirement fund

    Lemme guess another millennial
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    You don't have to pay back a 401K loan. If you stop paying on the loan, the loan will default and the loaner will report the remaining balance to the IRS as taxable income.
  4. If you are still employed the loan payments come put of your paycheck. The only way you can not pay it back is to quit your job
  5. :censored2:ing unbelievable.
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    Wow! You better just put it in and leave it because thar sounds like a very bad idea.
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    You missed the point, you old :censored2:, and don't know the fine print with prudential retirement through UPS
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    you can roll it over if you get another job that gots a 401k
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    Ah,Contraire Pierre

    I do know the fine print

    What do ya need to know
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    Hope this helps.
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    it don't i like minez
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    You can roll it into the Roth option within the 401k but would have to pay back taxes.
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    I called earlier this year and they told me they didn't allow in service conversions.
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    Apparently I heard wrong.
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    It's a RETIREMENT account. How hard is that concept to grasp.
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    Yeah I would love to do that. My first couple years we didn't have the Roth option.