45 pounds of pot delivered to wrong home

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    Feb. 25, 2010 (United Press International) -- Police in North Carolina said a woman opened a package she believed to be her new computer and discovered 45 pounds of marijuana.
    Lt. Rodney Harris, acting chief of the Salisbury Police Department, said Sarah Howell Leach believed the package she received Tuesday morning was the computer she ordered, but instead she found the stash of pot brought to the wrong address by a UPS driver, The Salisbury (N.C.) Post reported Thursday.


    Leach said a FedEx (NYSE:FDX) driver delivered her new computer later in the day.
    [​IMG] (Source: UPI )
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    Art imitates life?

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    So that's where it went....:slap:
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    I was waiting for my medical grade stash...for Me and Montel Williams are MS buddies.
    So Over, stop stealin' my thunder!!!
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    Has the original shipper filed a tracer on it yet?????????
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    The driver failed to observe the 10 keys to assuring illegal substances are delivered to the right addresses.
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    I just hate when I do that, never deliver pot to the wrong address.
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    But then, there's the article today in the Washington Post about the box delivered to a couple on Capitol Hill that contained several hundreds of thousands dollars worth of pot as well. This time, though, it was FedEx who delivered it.

    Good god. Does heroin and cocaine get delivered by USPS, then? All goes to show that there is no monopoly in the shipping business yet...Drug trafficking may well become the saving grace for all three.