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    Hello and good morning fellow UPSers! Started as a PH last year & had a question regarding the $25 deduction every week from my paycheck that will eventually add up to $500 in union initiation dues. If I am mathematically correct, I should be almost at $500 dollars by the end of this month or next. What had thrown me off was the start of the new year. Last year I would see the $25 deduction dues add up around $300 before the year of 2014 was over. With the new year with taxes and such, my stub shows that its back to $150 now. Once I reach my $500 mark to my own knowledge with the $25 deduction they've been taking out, will the $25 deduction just disappear? Or do I have to make sure and call HR once I think it reaches $500. I'm sure a lot of semi-new hires have question about this and need answer as well. Thanks for taking the time to read my question / concern. :-)
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  2. rod

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    Initiation fee is $500 now? Are you sure?
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    Yes, at my HUB the initiation fee is $500.
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    I suppose just like everything else its gone up considerably. Its still well worth it in the long run. Talk to so other trades people and it will blow your mind what it costs to get into their Unions and their dues are more also.
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    I bet the fee does vary. But my question applies to hubs all over the U.S. Once you reach your fee, does the weekly deduction go away on its own?
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    I don't believe every hub has a $500 initiation fee for PT. If they did no one would join the Union for a minimum wage job with no benefits. Pure greed on the IBT's part.
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    The initiation fee was waived down here for the longest to encourage PT to join. They took our dues out of our checks weekly. I guess you wouldn't miss the deduction so much if it was smaller. lol.
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    To answer your question, yes it should just stop after init is paid in full. I would verify amount taken, and call union hall if you think it is over. Local instructs UPS how much to deduct.
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    I really don't think it went up much. I believe I payed 400-- 26yrs ago. A hundred dollar increase is less than I would have guessed. I agree for part timers. It should be waived or cut to 200 atleast. To encourage members to join
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    Thanks for the replies everyone.
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    $150 almost 31 years ago.
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    Initiation fee is only 150 here I believe.
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    I think its 200 here. Rtw will probably make the union reconsider that
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    As good a time as any for a first post. Hired in October for package handler, $75 intuition. Once it was removed after first 3 pay checks it stopped without me having to call anyone. But HR did recommend watching to be sure.
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    Wasn't the intuition a women's razor that schick or gillette made years ago?
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    Ours was dropped to $50 recently to encourage people to join, RTW state.
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    Stupid auto correct. Thanks professor.
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    $500 10 years ago. Keep in mind, once it is paid which took almost 6 months you will still see a deduction which is to pay the union dues you did not pay for those 6 months. At least in my area.