600,000 Jobs Go Unfilled

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 10, 2012.

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    probably more to do with the looming fiscal cliff and Obamacare.
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    You do hang on to you hateful little reality no matter what the facts in the article put forth. Why is that?
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    Partially but mostly due to the growing number of high school graduates who lack the basic skills needed to fill these jobs. This is where community colleges can help bridge the gap. Our local community college works with local manufacturers to determine their needs and then offers programs designed to fill those needs. One of these areas locally is wind production---they were having a very hard time finding skilled workers to not only help build but to maintain and operate the windmills. CCC now has a wind program in which the graduates earn an associates in wind technology and more often than not have a job waiting for them upon graduation. This is the first program of its kind in the nation and already has a waiting list.
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    Does UPS nor hire ft people because of lack of soft skills? no its about money.
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    The article says applicants can't even spell?

    Maybe because they've been texting for the last how many years and and think before is spelled b4, it also says people don't know how to answer phones. The majority of places you call anymore have automated systems, "speak or press 1", etc, etc.
    It takes 5 min to reach a human!!

    Then 90% the time the human is NOT in the US, does not really have command of the American English, goes by a script, and has been trained to say, "I'm sorry you feel that way." (experiencing problems, whatever.)

    Of course this is all because of the "fiscal cliff" and Obamacare.
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    Bush's fault
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    Here's a nice thought , after I retire from UPS I'll go to major firm to answer their phones since I already know how to answer a phone , and can pass their drug tests.
    I would only request 20 hrs /wk , to keep me under Obama care restrictions , and the fact that the Teamsters healthcare would be handling my insurance.
    I see it as a win/win situation .
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    You will not have any insurance through TEAMSTERS.
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