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    Well its time to let the cat out of the bag. Pat Flynn the sec/treas of local 710 attended 705's negotiations last week and today Steve Pocztowski the sec/treas of local 705 attended 710s. These two unions have been working hand in hand this whole time to deliver the members of these two locals a good strong contract that they deserve. The company now knows for a fact that what affects 705 affects 710 and vise versa, we will stand together. This is a great sign of solidarity and as of this moment i could not be prouder.

    Ups in chicago instead of attending yesterdays negotiations as was planned, has informed all of management to order their browns and make sure they get dot certified. I dont believe that the uniform company is into making tent size uniforms for some of our management that have not seen the inside of an operation for some time.

    I would like to encourage all of management to follow the methods as they attempt to do what we do on a day to day basis. We all remember what happened in 97, hundreds of accidents and 2 fatalities. Please i beg of you to becareful. Remember what your most important stop is, and hey now they cant work you over 14 hours enjoy some lighter work days, see the family.

    As to our strike vote we are getting a great response, we have set up car pools for anyone interested, if you would like to use the metra its only $5 on the weekend just call your steward to set up shuttle times from union station which is only 7 blocks away, we will pick you up and drop you back off after you have voted or you can hang out and mingle. Alot of people i have talked to are bringing the family and then going to the zoo, navy pier, and making a day of it in the city.
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    (me holding my breath)

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    Another quality post!
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    So do we walk nationwide? Or do we simply refuse to handle any packages coming from or going to Chicago?
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    i know youre jealous :biting:
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    That info i do not have on the nationwide walking. If you do work you could refuse to deliver anything out of thses areas,
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    sounds like u need a drug test tomorrow. lol
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    When we went on strike, we went to Davenport, Iowa, which is local 710 and picketed. They honered our line. Our local is 238 out of Iowa. I suppose you would have to do the same thing at other locals that are not on strike.
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    Im sure if our volume is getting delivered out of other locals buildings we would extend the picket lines to those buildings across the country if need be.
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    Red is following the script. Beautifull your porpaganda minister must be so proud of you.

    You guys that have been around a while you know the script too.

    Red when are you doing the strike vote sing song. Saturday or sunday?
    "well my brothers and sisters we in strong stance of soladarity overwhelmingly voted to give the union strike authorization.

    Red will you tell us what percent of the overall membership showed up or will that be an evasive answer.

    and don't forget the grand finale speech coming in two weeks. Well my brothers after our strong stance of soladarity the company finally woke up and started negotiating in good faith.

    Red will you guys throw another 72 hour notice gambit into the mix just to make it look like you're really busting the companys balls?

    I love these contract soap operas. Red beautifully written piece buddy. You are defintely full of the purple kool aid.
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    Perhaps the soap operas and purple koolaid would be unecessary if the company would simply negotiate in good faith from the beginning.
    I can remember contracts in the past where the company's opening position was beyond insulting---to the point of being ridiculous,absurd, and unworthy of a response, much less a vote. It seemed to me that the offers didnt get serious and realistic until after the contract expired and after a strike authorization vote had been taken and passed.
    Negotiating a contract with UPS is kind of like dealing with a used car salesman. You usually have to be willing to walk off the lot before the guy will get real and quit trying to screw you.
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    Oh Sober I agree. the company hates settling contracts quickly. they love the threats of strikes scaring customers away.

    Your response is especially beautifull because you claim to see through all the BS at work but yet follow this line of crap with no brain activity applied. Take a sip of that kool aid brother you have earned it.:happy-very:
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    UPS could care less about scaring customers away, they know that eventually those customers will come back. It is far more important (and profitable) to drive a hard bargain and to maintain an enviornment of fear and uncertainty among the workforce that will encourage them to settle for a substandard contract.
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    LOL, did you type that with a straight face.:happy-very:
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    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

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    Whats the point of having 3 threads all about the same subject?
    I pop off because they like to bicker! lol
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    Tie you can call it a script all you would like, you are as bad as the management team we are dealing with here. You believe that this will blow over and this contract will be settled come august 1st. I really hope you are right on this and i wont come ruuning stating that the union beat the company into submission, this i promise you. I want to work, i dont want to strike but at this time i cant afford not to strike. This is being pushed by the non-progrees talks at the table.

    I had the day off today and on my own time went to work this morning and set up a table at the guard shack with ups's proposal and the unions and allowed the members to view it. I did this on the preload and for the drivers and again on the twilight. Would you like to guess what the reaction was? The company knows everything is online for all to view but yet they keep proposing things that only upset the membership.

    Today i got a call that crate and barrel was diverting their volume from us. Thats a huge account and their stuff is time critcal because of weddings etc. Again you will find the union at fault for this because another driver answered the customers question on how the talks were going.

    We the drivers see the customers as our family no matter how big or small the account and we will look out for them, when they see ups they see us not some tie thats mismanaging the talks causing this strike vote.

    How much more businees will be lost when/if the media shows up sunday at the hall?
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    I've seen these things enough over the years to have the script memorized. Samd BS different time. You can't fault the company on it because they aren't putting anything out. they are sticking to the agreed code of silence they committed to.

    They could put out the same BS on how the union is BS'ing around but to their credit they have not done so.

    So far everything i've predicted has come true thus my comments on how your side is following the script.

    How many of your 12000 members do you think will show up this weekend?
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