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  1. UPSER28282

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    Local 705 has started laying off the bottom 10% of our drivers. They have given us 3 options.
    1. Work at another building.
    2.Work the twilight/preload split shift (4hrs on 4hrs off then 4hrs on again)
    3. Take the layoff and collect unemployment but lose benefits.

    i only really have one option cause the other building is 3 hrs away and that is to take the split shift.

    Is there anyway to get around having to take a break between shifts? i want to work my 8 hrs straight. i live 45 min away from work and it wouldn't make sense for me to go home for 4 hrs.
  2. hondo

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    For option 2 (split shift), do you get to keep your driver pay rate or will you get paid based on you PT seniority date?
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  3. Ron Carey lives on

    Ron Carey lives on Well-Known Member

    PT based on what would have been if he would have stayed part time

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  4. hondo

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    What contract supplement are you basing that on, and is it the same language for the OP?
  5. BrownTexas

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    Southern is after 7 days in a layoff you revert back to inside building pay with whatever company seniority you have. But if they run air or ground with any part time TCDs you can file on them working and it will restart your 7 days.
  6. box_beeyotch

    box_beeyotch Well-Known Member

    Option 3 would probably make you more money than working split shifts (which sucks) at a part time wage. Our supplement does not revert us back to our part time wage during a layoff at any time. That's why most of the guys don't have a problem with it (as if they care what you think anyway)
  7. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    Join a gym in the area of your terminal and workout then shower and sauna off for a little while, maybe find a gym with a pool and all the amenities like a shower, sauna/steam room, take a lil nap up in there and then head back to the old workplace to finish out the remaining 4
  8. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    Still sucks working split though
  9. Ron Carey lives on

    Ron Carey lives on Well-Known Member

    If laid off you carry prevailing wage you are right hondo

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  10. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    It does, but it also allows you to keep your medical benefits if you are in Teamcare. If laid off for the week, no medical.
  11. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    Agreed, do what u gotta do to keep the benies, especially if u got a family
  12. ch317273

    ch317273 When your bank says no, champion says YES

    what about family medical leave act? Does that effect a layoff?
  13. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    If you qualify for FMLA and use it, you are not laid off. You are on FMLA. You are covered for medical for the entire time you are on FMLA.
  14. box_beeyotch

    box_beeyotch Well-Known Member

    I didn't think about that. That's not the case here as we aren't apart of teamcare.
  15. UPSjedi41

    UPSjedi41 Member

    I heard about the layoffs this morning. The 10% you speak of, is that just cover drivers or total drivers?
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    Shouldn't some of you be able to bump part-time air drivers instead of working inside? Seems like that should be an option. The prevailing rate for an air driver is quite a bit more than the inside rate. For me it would be anyway.
  17. UPSER28282

    UPSER28282 New Member

    I was told we keep our same driver pay working in the center. Which is 18.75. The 10% that got laid off were the lowest seniority drivers. they were all swing drivers
  18. TTown Brown

    TTown Brown New Member

    Do you have the article in the contract where this is covered as I am in the Central Region and laid off and they are using TCD/Air Drivers to do Air runs. Thanks
  19. Mugarolla

    Mugarolla Light 'em up!

    It sounds like these air runs are part time. If you are laid off in the Central, you have 4 options.

    1. Bump the least senior FT employee, in any classification you were previously qualified for, as long as you have more seniority.

    2. Bump 1 or 2 part timers, as long as you have more company seniority. This will at least keep your insurance active.

    3. After a week of layoff, you can bump to another building in your local's jurisdiction.

    4. Take the layoff.

    Central Region Supplement

    Article 3

    Section 5-Full-time Employees

    In the event of a layoff of a full-time employee, he/she shall have
    the right to displace the least senior full-time employee in any classification,
    for which they were previously qualified, to remain in
    his/her center. Previously qualified is defined as having regularly
    performed said work sometime during the previous eighteen (18)

    In the event the employee has not been qualified in any classification,
    he/she may exercise their rights as per Article 3, Section 6 or
    exercise their right to bump to another center as outlined below.

    When an employee is laid off for one (1) week or more, he/she may,
    on the following Monday, exercise his/her Company-wide seniority
    to displace the employee having the least seniority in any other center
    within the jurisdiction of the local union, provided he/she is
    qualified to perform the job of such junior employee. It is the
    employee’s responsibility to notify the Company of his/her intention
    on the previous Friday. His/Her seniority shall be dovetailed at
    such center and he/she shall remain there until work is restored at
    their original center. Work restored is defined as the necessity for
    another permanent employee in the original center in their classification.
    This Section shall supersede the six-for-one provision elsewhere
    in this Agreement.

    Recalls and restoration of forces shall be in the reverse order of layoff.

    In all cases of layoffs, reduction of forces, recalls and restoration of
    forces, an affected employee shall select his/her desired classification
    immediately in order to meet service commitments. Further, in
    all cases, an employee must be qualified to perform the duties of the
    job selected.

    A laid-off employee shall be given two (2) weeks’ notice of recall if
    the employee is laid off two (2) weeks or more. The employee must
    notify the Employer within three (3) days after receipt thereof, as to
    whether or not he/she intends to report for work at the designated time.
    Failure to give timely notice to the Employer or to report at the agreedupon
    time within the designated period will result in the loss of all seniority
    rights and the employee will be considered terminated.

    Full-time combination employees will work their bid job when
    work is available. It is understood that daily adjustments can be
    made to ensure all work assignments are covered. Employees will
    work as directed when work is not available in the employees regular
    assigned job. When combination employees are temporarily
    moved off his/her job it shall be by total company seniority from
    those employees qualified and available, in the immediate work

    Total company seniority will be used when staffing reductions are
    necessary within a work area that consists of full-time and part-time

    This language will not supersede current local agreements.

    Section 6

    Laid-off, full-time seniority employees, in the order of their seniority,
    may elect to take the work of one (1) or two (2) part-time
    employees, for the duration of the layoff, provided they have more
    total Company seniority. In such cases, the full-time employees
    shall be guaranteed a minimum of three and one-half (3 1/2) hours
    work at the prevailing rate of pay for the classification of work
    he/she performs, or the rate of pay per Article 41, Section 3, which
    ever rate is higher, in addition to all fringe benefits. Employees who
    have not completed progression shall be paid in accordance with the
    progression scale in Article 41, Section 3 or their prevailing inside
    rate whichever is higher. Article 40 employees will be paid in accordance
    with Article 40, Section 6. If a full-time employee bumps
    two part-time employees, said full-time employee shall receive
    time-and-one-half after eight (8) hours of work. After thirty (30)
    working days in a ninety (90) calendar day period under this provision,
    a full-time employee may elect to bump the least senior fulltime
    employee in his/her building, excluding automotive, maintenance
    mechanics and feeder drivers, and have up to thirty (30) calendar
    days to qualify for said full-time position. If a laid-off, fulltime
    employee elects to take a layoff rather than exercise his/her
    right to displace a part-time employee, he/she shall be considered a
    laid-off employee for lack of work for the purpose of unemployment
  20. UPSER28282

    UPSER28282 New Member

    Not sure. pretty sure all the air drivers have higher seniority than all of us