75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Overpass

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    Those were the days.
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    Although I would be the first to agree that the UAW (and other Unions) went overboard with some of their demands on later contracts the beginnings of the labor movement lead to a productive and successful middleclass who enjoyed good pay, medical benefits, and decent vacation times. All of which are slowly (maybe not so slowly anymore) being taken away due to all the anti-Union BS of today. You have to remember that BOTH sides had to sign these contracts. I still remember the words of my center manager during the 1st strke I went through-- He said "I hope you guys get everything you are asking for because they won't let us fall behind you so we will get what you get--plus maybe more". Picture UPS without the Teamsters and you will see something like Fedex Ground. Think about that you UPS'ers who don't want to join or support the Teamsters
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    Interesting that the "thugs" in the picture worked for Henry Ford. As referenced in the article there was an earlier incident at the foot bridge but no cameras were there. Because reporters caught this on film, public opinion swayed much more for the UAW. In this instant info, internet and smart phone world, everyone needs to watch what they say and do.