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    OK it was at 76.35 during the IPO, I bought at the employee rate, then it split, then doubled, then IPO'd. The public bought at the Ponzie scheme rate and all outside investors have never recouped their investment in my company. The people at the top of the pyramid scheme made out, like me and Madoff type managers. Remember OPL, heck I got a new Sea Ray out of that scheme and I am an hourly. UPS has been a Wall Street bust because it was worth 35 bucks on Nov 10, 1999, NOT 70.
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    your point is....
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    It IPO'd @ 50.00, not 35.

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    True but it was over $75 in a matter of minutes. We had it at $25, IPO'ed at $50 and went up immediately.

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    $76 7/8
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    I thought it IPO'd @ 50, closed at 67.xx, then the next day got up to 77 or so, and settled in the high 60's by day 3. I didn't realize it hit 75 on the first day.

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    I stand corrected. Yes, it IPO'ed at $50 but the first street trade was $65. Hit just over $70 and closed a little lower. But it did hit $76 7/8 that week, maybe the second day, not sure.
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    On day 2 it went up to 74.875.

    On day 3 it dropped to 70.125

    After that it kinda got stuck around 70 up until about 2008 where it nosedived to where it is today...

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    It isn't all that bad. Things will change for the better. My advice to those of you in a position to purchase is to do so as these cheap prices won't last forever.