8/28 Beck-a-Palooza "I have a scheme"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by diesel96, Aug 30, 2010.

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    I will start off by commending most who attended the Beck Rally were well behaved sheep, even after after being told to leave the guns and the political signage at home. Now that's restoring Honor ! Honor back to the Tea Partiers.....:happy-very:
    Having said that, someone should tell Mr. Beck that the founding fathers he is so admiring of, were dead set against the United States having a standing army during peace time, they were dead set against foreign entanglements, and they would be horrified by the size and scope of today's US military industrial complex. Alas, like so many modern conservatives, Beck is enamored of his imagined founding fathers, except not the real ones.
    They were also adamant against the entanglement of Church and State. John Adams stated that the First Amendment was a "wall" keeping religion out of government. I mean, was it me, or was Beck sounding like one of those Evangelical Preachers you see on TV in between the popular cable channels....

    I can't figure out if this is a political, religious, or gold buying event. Wait, that's not all, buy two membership's to Beck U and get a third one absolutely free. Or maybe a civil rights rally for people who's Party are generally against civil rights.

    Anyway enjoy the video...

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    You really didn't get much in the way of response. That's because the subject of restoring honor to our country is a non-partisan concept.

    The gathering on the mall didn't involve sign carrying or anything political. It involved honorable people uniting for a common cause. Tommy LaRussa, the St. Louis Cardinals manager

    who attended the event, said he didn't feel it was political in nature at all."It was beyond gratifying. I was inspired. There were a lot of things that inspired me. It was more religious, much more religious (than political)," he said afterward.

    Over 240 clergy linked arms in solidarity for getting behind God and giving thanks to U.S. troops.

    The Smithsonian Museum contacted Glenn Beck to hold on to some remnants of the gathering to be given to them. Why would the Smithsonian want to display something from a so-called insignificant rally??

    You can't get a rise out of anyone about this gathering because Dem. or Rep., your not gonna bash God!! (unless your a fool)
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    Gotten to :wink2:
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    (Daily Caller)A blogger apologized Monday after editors at the Huffington Post removed his opinion article offering $100,000 for a “sex tape or phone records or anything else” that succeeds in removing Fox News host Glenn Beck “from the public eye forever.”
    Friedlander posted an apology to Beck Monday afternoon, writing that, “I crossed the line.”
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    WOW Des, that was a pretty relaxed piece you wrote, your hero Keith would be disappointed. You'll never get published in the HuffPost with a white wash of Beck like this.
    For someone who obviously considers anyone to the right of Nancy P a Nazi, you have more ranting to do. Carry on, I'll need a good laugh later today.

    I'll give you this, you are almost as funny as Jon Stewart.
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    Well - I can see it coming now, Beck will move right to the top of the list for most hated conservative by the left. Sarah Palin can relax a little. There will be a tidal wave of fear that the lefties will exude in the form of denigration and demonization. I just hope this tidal wave causes regular people to see the ubers for what they are.

    How can any uber demonize the people and this event and not realize that they look like an idiot in doing so! People were well behaved, (no arrests) there was no political message, they left the Mall clean. This was an amazing show of what "Hope-Faith-Charity" really is all about.

    BTW - Who started this thread?