8 years in management...55 years old now

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  1. bamasteve

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    I worked in the Air Group as a full time Aircraft Maint supervisor for almost 8 full years. When I left the company I was told I was fully vested and would receive a pension. I am now 55 and would like to know more. Who can I talk to about my eligibility.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    HR would be my guess.
    You are fully vested for pension and start drawing that when you turn 65.
    You are not vested for Healthcare or Immediate pension until you have 10 years of service.
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    Can management still retire at 55? I thought UPS now owned your soul until you were older.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    55 for now.
    Too hard to change the Pension legal documents.
  5. UPSretirementadvice

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    Hey , I can help you with your pension information. Which UPS are you based out of ??
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    Something's phishy about this one !!!!!

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    Hey guys im not spamming Ive been a Upser for 10+ years and also work in finance as well. Just like to help out where I can.
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    Okay, sounds good. I'll take you at your word but please respect the house rules of our community.
  11. cachsux

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    If one has $2m in his 401k, hundreds of bars of precious metals, and $750k in cash in the bank, what's his retire outlook?
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    He will be enjoying the good cat food while the rest of us get by on the generic store brand.
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    Upsretirementadvice....I thought I was pretty clear I was in the AirGroup. Louisville.

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    Ramen is a good cheap snack that is filling.
    My current batch is $0.10 per pack.
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    $0.10 :speechless: I usually pay twice that!
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    What a ridiculous bunch of responses to question.

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    I answered your question in Post #2.
    After that, as is typical, it went into unrelated fun mode.
    Such is life of Brown Cafe.
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    Its pretty much ask a stupid question? ......