804 drivers protect yourself from retaliation.

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    Any of the 804 drivers who feel they are on the "lets discharge them list" should now be even more meticulous in their methods. UPS and the Union states If you do the job by the methods , you will be ok. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    Many UPS managers and supervisors retaliate; in my experience; that's what they do; Many UPS management people retaliate. UPS will follow and observe all drivers. UPS will selectively report and discipline who they want to; and let the runners slide.

    If I were an 804 driver, I would ask for UPS to let you video or audio tape your entire day. If they deny; file a grievance. We as UPS employees have nothing to hide. Tell them you will give them a copy everyday and that you will keep a copy everyday. This will show you are very concise in your methods. You may miss a horn here or there or have some minor infraction; but for 99.99% of the time, you will be spot on. I have been 100% and management was dishonest.

    If you see UPS management following you on an observation; It would not be out of the question to record your time on the observation on your cell phone as long as you start the recording on a break and do not let any of the recording distract you in anyway. Start recording and leave it in your pocket or in the truck.

    UPS management is not above lying about if they saw you grab the handrail, use a dr bag, beep the horn, walk behind the package car, grasp opposite corners, use your power zone, leave yourself an out, etc. etc.

    Way to stand your ground 804. The company and employees are required to follow the contract.

    Integrity first and foremost. The principle not the poster.
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    Sad part about it, its came to that. Just absolutely ridiculous the company hates its employees so bad. They hate the employees that make them all their money. Like a crackhead who cant get enough crack.
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    I wonder if a camcorder would be a tax write off, since you have to use it for work lmfao.
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    Just a matter of time before these idiots have an ungodly lawsuit on their hands. Would be funny as heck if somebody sued them for like 5 billion dollars. Of course it wouldn't probably happen, but would be funnier than heck. Im surprised weve never heard of a driver going absolutely ballistic and beating the living piss out of a center manager or a driver going Columbine and spraying bullets everywhere.
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    Exactly. With how upset drivers convince themselves to be over their $90k salaries with full benefits, I'm surprised center manager's aren't walking around in Kevlar vests.
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    You really should think about switching to decaf.
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  8. browned out

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    I pray it never comes to that. Upsers.com now has a tutorial on what to do if a one person shooter hits any ups facility. wow
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    Just damn, brownedout!
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    I would grieve the 2 week suspension or reject it and stay with the discharge if UPS did not grant Reyes his Weingarten Rights or UPS did not follow the contract.

    Reyes, Liam or any other discharged drivers rights under NLRB Federal Law are not diminished in any way by the decision made by UPS and the Union to agree on a 2 week unpaid suspension.

    You do not want this in your employee history if the action was indeed legal. If UPS violated anything with in the NLRB; why would employees settle for anything less than full reinstatement with everything expunged and back pay. Drivers will be entitled to pain and suffering damages and punitive damages to UPS. That is if...and it is a big if; UPS violated Reyes Weingarten Rights or UPS did not settle the dispute in the required manner outlined in the contract.

    Drivers can file with the NLRB or other State or Federal Agencies even after they are reinstated. Drivers have nothing to lose by filing with the NLRB or any other govt. agencies. I would file anywhere the case would apply.

    UPS will follow thru with their 2 week unpaid suspensions. If you think they will make good on their commitment to resolve grievances more expeditiously and follow the contract and stop the excessive harassment; then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you may be interested in buying.

    Stay strong 804, stand your ground and complete what Liam fought for. Liam you are a badass and an inspiration to all of us. Your speech hit it right on the head.

    (Liam) ---- " I can tell you I don't have the IBT backing because the IBT cares more about UPS than the drivers. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If UPS abides by the contract, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for UPS, I will not pursue UPS. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will hold you accountable."**

    ** quote paraphrased, parodied and partially quoted from Taken. 2008. Director Pierre Morel EuropaCorp Distribution, 20th Century Fox. No part of the above quote was made by any 804 member or rep.

    Read more: http://www.browncafe.com/community/threads/local-804-drivers-walked-out.355083/page-92#ixzz2yXkhPha2
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    Your Honor, why are you wasting that keen legal mind moving boxes?