9.5 Language still Weak and unchanged

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    Well this was one of my big issues as it is for many drivers in our center. The language is virtually unchanged. The Opt-in or Opt-out issue is a joke. And Triple time only after you go through to whole grievance procedure numerous times. This is exactly what it is now. I filed 18 times in 17 months and got no where. Now the only thing I did was put a target on my back and have to deal with 2 days of 11-14 hour dispatches and my boss telling me he can do that as long as he doesnt go over 3 in a week. The only problem is I don't know what days he is going to screw me. Is it going to be the night my son has a baseball game that I should be there to coach or is going to be the night that my daughter has her play at school that I want to see. We can not plan anything with this system.

    This is a NO vote for me until this gets changed. Instead of a Opt-in or Opt-out list how about a Over 9.5 list. Those who sign the list want to work over 9.5 and those that dont want to be in and off the clock by 9.5. This can be done on a monthly basis. Then if you know you are okay with it for a month or two then you can sign up. The USPS does this and the mailman in my area say it works great. If no one signs up then we do it in Senority order. Overtime is offered to senior employess and forced to juinor employees. With PAS this should be as easy as it is to screw someone with a 14 hour day.

    Each of you that thinks this is an issue need to contact your business agent and tell them this need to be fixed or its a NO vote. How can your business agent in his right mind think that it is okay for you to work until 8-9-or 10pm at least 2 days a week whenever your manager wants to cut cars. Remember for every 12 hour day two of us works that means they sent someone home. Help that guy out. We have 80 drivers in our center if everyone worked an 12 hour day 2 days a week think of how many drivers are getting laid off.
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    I'd be glad to take your job for you. beats repossessing my car.
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    You really dont have to take his job. UPS is hiring all year round. You can even apply online.
    good luck with the repoman
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    170 a week doesnt pay bills
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    $170.00 a week is what all of us lived on as part timers and I never had the repoman visit me or threaten to visit me. Perhaps you are living beyond your means. If only you would understand that driving a package cars is not all that great and it is certainly not what you want to do 12 hours a day. Right now as a part timer you can go to the doctor or the dentist or have lunch with your girlfriend. The day you start driving you can toss all that out the window. That is what your option days are for. You dont get a day off....you just get a day off of work and then have to take care of all the things you have been piling up around your home.

    However if a REAL 9.5 rule was implemented we could do a lot of those things in the evenings and not wasting the weekend. I had to shut down my swamp cooler last week...So there I was at 10:00 at night crawling around on my roof with a headlamp on to get it done when most every other guy in the neighborhood got home at 5:30 and didnt have to worry about dark closing in on them. Then they were able to sit down with their family and have a nice dinner and then watch TV. I get home, pull a cold dinner out of the fridge and eat it in front of the TV watching the 10:00 news knowing I have only 10 hours to sleep eat again and go back to work. What kind of life is that? All because your Manager cant do his job properly. Dont anyone start with the do your job faster bit either....I run scratch.

    Strong 9.5 language will get him to do his job and get me home to a warm meal more often than not. I am more than willing to work late when it is called for...but not when the two junior drivers in my loop are home by 6:00 and I am staring down the barrel of 50 stops at 6:00. That is why I suggest that overtime be forced from the bottom up or offered to senior employess. You should be able to place the Operation report next to the senority list and the lowest rank (and lowest paid) employee should have the most hours and up the list to the highest senority guy working 8 hours. It only makes since from a company standpoint to have the lower paid guys work the most hours and the highest paid work the least. That is how my parents ran their business. They were very sucessful with this plan.

    Vote YES if you want the company to control your life....

    Vote NO if you want some control over your life and have one.....
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    fnix 170.00 a week sucks .I would not own a car over couple grand at most, and have 500 set aside to have when it breaks down.You could work 2 jobs, I did for many years.Good luck.
    You would not want to work 12 hour days driving after you been working at UPS for a few years trust me.
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    That's a NO vote for me, 52.79 hours last week. Does no good to have to file 15 grievances to get triple pay. Double time should be Automatic after 9.5 no grievance necessary.
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    I agree!!!!!
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    I agree 100%!!!! You will never be promoted to manager!!! You have a brain and are now over qualified!!!
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    Just seems to me,now more than ever,You can't please them all!!