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    I got back today from a 3 day fishing trip with 4 other retired UPS package drivers to Lake of the Woods on the border between Minnesota and Canada. I had a blast with the guys -unfortunately the fish weren't cooperating. While BS'ing in the fishhouse here are some of the facts that were brought up about our time at UPS.

    1. All 5 of us agreed that retirement is GREAT.

    2. The 2 who had worked more than 30 years wished they hadn't.

    3. Out of the 5 of us - 4 had been fired at least once. One (who happened to be our steward) had been fired 4 times.

    4. All had been charged with accidents that weren't their fault.

    5. All had gotten away with accidents that were their fault.

    6. All agreed that even though UPS could be a pain in the rear to work for the pay and benefits made it worth while.

    7. All agreed UPS would have been impossible to work for without the Union.

    8. All agreed that for the most part all the center manager's we had worked under were a bunch of douchebags. We could only come up with one (out of 18 of them we had worked for ) who had his act together, knew what was going on, didn't juggle the numbers (that we knew of) and would actually do what he said he was going to. We all agreed that the worst one we had was a women.

    9. We all agreed that we had stuck together as a group alot more when we were working than the guys do now.

    10. We all agreed to make our winter fishing trip an annual event.

    P.S. For those who will say they will just walk away and never talk about UPS once they retire - you are kidding yourselves. You don't just forget 30+ years.
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    Maybe a #11 would be that other (non-UPS'ers) don'tforget you worked at UPS either.
    We have people bringing packages to ship to our house......they must think we have an "in" at UPS or something.

    Bob patiently explains to them that he is retired and suggests they ship online or whatever is appropriate. One guy was 'dementia' and Bob just took the package and thanked him for the business.

    It only happens maybe 2 or 3 times a year, but it never lets you forget where you worked.
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    A bunch of retired guys..........nailed it.