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    I worked couple times as a driver helper and now working at UPS Freight doing dock-work. I have finished college this summer with my aa degree and now deciding what to do and need help. I really want to advance in UPS/UPSF and even have told my manager and supervisor (many times)- seems to me like they don't care. I dont want to go into management or become a driver. I asked what other positions there are and they keep in saying "there are many positions" but will not be more specific then that. I plan on getting married in two years and dont want to waste my time. I need to support my future family. I keep talking to them and checking the website couple times a days for job openings and nothing is coming up.

    How much time do you think I should give before excelling?

    I check fed-ex website and they have a lot more opportunities. Even though their dockworkers get paid $14 start, makes me really think is it worth to work for $10.50 an hour and then at the end have no career opportunity with UPS/UPSF.

    Any suggestions on what I should do?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If your looking for people who give a :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: about you then your at the wrong company.
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    Use your degree somewhere else. There are plenty of other places with a more positive atmosphere.
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    ? The character from Dora the Explorer?
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    Go to UPSers.com.
    Search word...MCO
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    I know what it stands for I'm just being goofy.
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    An AA will not get you anywhere, go for your BA and look into tuition reimbursment
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    Yes an Associates w/o experience is a complete waste of time in the private sector.U might slide with a nursing or health related associates, anything else will limit you severely. Continue your schooling to bachelor level program in a USEFUL major. UPS MCO points to a demand for Computer Science, Engineering, and Business related degrees. It cant hurt to go through MAPP and decide if you would take p/t sup or stay union. I doubt they will let you go FT sup portion mapp now. Consider joining national guard or reserve or auxiliary unit or volunteer Fire firefighter, exhaust your civil service test/opportunities and worse come to worse don't hesitate to take low wage 2nd job.