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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsurge, Jun 17, 2003.

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    Recently I read a disturbing post on another net forum which discussed formation of a Teamsters at UPS spouses assosciation. This post stated that one of it's purposes was to encourage and assist it's local chapters in "..holding abusive managers accountable by picketing or holding candlight vigils outside their homes with children in tow and covered by local news media.."How are managers supposed to be effective if they always have to worry about such actions? We all know that in order to do our job that we must ruffle a few feathers . Dont these people having anything better to do than undermine and ruin the reputation of a great company? Do they sit up all night thinking of ways to get us?
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    Looks like "Saintteamo" is back under a new name. Nice to have you back!! Have not seen you since we met in front of a grocery store in Gardnerville Nv whrn you were passing out flyers for a friend who subseqently lost an election by a landslide!!!