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    I know a lot of you contractors are chomping at the bit of the idea of owning a lot more than you already do with dollar signs flashing before your eyes. But isn't it true that one of the reasons business's fail is not always doing poorly, but getting too big too fast. At times of plenty they expand, hire more people, more trucks and so on, but when business slows down or FedEx loses a customer or two you could be in big trouble.

    We have one contractor who said he lost over 70 stops per day on one route because a customer went to UPS. Route only had about 110 to start with. And a lot of you can't keep decent trucks on the few routes you have, how do you think you are going to double that ? What about drivers, the only way to make money on this scam is to overwork them and say ya but the route is tighter so you can handle it. Maintenance on most of your trucks is nonexistent now, hate to see it when you have twice as many. Where will you get the extra trucks, buy them or rely on the junk that comes with the route another guy was forced to give up ? If he knows in 8 months he's gone, he will not spend a dime on fixing them.

    Drivers are tired of FedEx, the days of finding a veteran driver who does the job well is over, you will be forced to hire off the street, and the only thing that will be a constant will be hiring and training all year long. You brag about all the extra money you get from this, drivers won't see a penny. With all this big money comes huge fines, misdeliver or other complaints will cost you big time. It used to be that if a driver quit, you could have an experienced one in the truck the next day, not anymore. It used to be that if a contractor went out, he only owned a few routes, what if he now owns 20, who will have the money to take care of that ?

    Remember, FedEx gives nothing without taking back double. They didn't come up with this scam to help you get rich, they did it to keep the scam going and avoid making all of us employees. When you go to that meeting to learn all about it, if the manager is touching himself as he talks to you, probably means you won't come out of this a winner, just a little sore. This is not the Wizard of Oz and you won't see the emerald city.
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    I don't know of any shipper that would account for 70% of a route's deliveries. That doesn't make sense.
    I do all my hiring off the street and have very few issues. My fleet is well maintained and when trucks get too old I buy new.
    There are some diminishing returns on getting too big. The profit margin per route shrinks when you add in the cost of the extra contingency resources, but profit still ticks up some.
    No we can't and will never be able to pay UPS wages, but we can easily pay more than local average for light duty truck drivers. We can train guys with no experience, they are typically happy with our wages when they come out of some warehouse job. If they stick around for a few years and move on with their new experience under their belt, I'm fine with that.
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    Wow. Well said, nicely put and spot on!

    That's a laugh and a half.
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    Did you finish the sentence? You don't think a guy making $300/week only getting PT hours in a warehouse isn't happy to triple that? On top of his increased pay he gets training and experience operating a CMV so he can move on to greener pastures. It's you poor fools that think delivery driving is a career that I feel sorry for. Should be 5 years max.
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    That was in one area where everybody was buying this product and for awhile it accounted for the majority of his stops, it was replaced by something else as always happens, but the point is if FedEx lost more than one shipper at a time it could hurt. 70 percent of my route is Tupperware, advocare, vitamins, and healthcare drinks, to lose those would cut me by 40 stops per day, but I would love it, hate all that crap.
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    If you want us to believe that your guys make $900 a week, then prove it.

    And it's not up to you to determine how long someone chooses to stay in a career or chosen field other than yourself.
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    That's starting pay for my guys. How would you suggest I prove it to you? Not that I need to, I'm sure you would claim any proof is doctored anyway.
    It's pretty clear that most of you long time couriers here are miserable in your career and would have better lives had you left before getting 5 years in.
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    LOL. That's the biggest load of bull:censored2: I have ever read on this site, and that's saying something. The biggest volume shippers that use FedEx don't represent anything close to that percentage for a route.
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    Can you say amazon? it is easily 70% of my daily rte at express.
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    Nice little tap dance. Applying for a management position?
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    Hi cactus I made that much last week, but I deducted 10% for my 401k, and the rest were taxes bumped me down to just under $700

    I drive a former dhl p700, (I can see some yellow paint at some spots/lol) but its well maintained. Stop count average is in the 600-700 per week for me.

    Used to be a swing/cover, but w/ ISP conversion, they're doing away with that. So I got a cake route close to my home & cuts my commute time to drive the Stepvan to 20 min.

    I had zero disputes, claims, followups again this month, so I'll be expecting another bonus in my check this week again.

    My subcontractor has over 20 routes, so he's up to scale. And has kept a handful of vet drivers happy with their routes. He one of a few that has upgraded his fleet with new utilimaster Stepvans 700s & is getting a few P1000s for the vets who can handle 200+ stops a day.

    Some of the drivers on his staff would do well donning a brown uniform, but they over-hired in my area & laid off all those seasonal UPS drivers, one or 2 came over to the purple side this year (meh)
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    By moving on to greener pastures, do you mean driving one of your new Freightliners ?
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    He must be paid better rates than everyone else, some supervisors don't make that much, I call bull:censored2:, especially the starting off part.
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    Delivery driving is only not a career at FedEx ground and ontrac/lasership. Delivery driving is a noble profession and a necessity. Temporary contractors are not.
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    "Noble profession" may be a bit of a stretch.
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    Are long term contractors noble?