A few things UPS hasn't clarified but we know the answer to...

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    Feel free to add to the list:

    'Uninterrupted 1 hour break' - you're not expected to be interrupted by driving...Anything else management wants from you is not considered interrupting your break though

    'UPS will not pay for your cell phone bill' - you're still expected to answer management when they phone you and pay for it yourself

    'Work safely' - work as fast as you can and borderline insanely. As long as you don't get hurt we'll just SAY you're working safely

    'Equal treatment' - no matter what, management is right and you'll ALL be treated like crap...That's why we have brown uniforms

    'Precheck your vehicle' - as long as it's not done on company time. If it is you shouldn't be doing it, now get out and deliver more pkgs!

    'Safety Committee' - a pain in the arse for managers and OT pay for drivers

    'Fire extinguishers' (although I haven't proven this since I luckily never had to use one but was told this by multiple firefighters AND companies who refill the extinguishers that they WILL NOT work as they're all over 1 year since being inspected and are now essentially cement from the vibrations of the truck) - a pretty red decoration in your car

    'Package car' - What the rest of the world calls a truck but shhh, don't tell anyone otherwise we'll have to use the scales too!

    'P5' - a worthless piece of crap that hurts your arms to steer

    'P6' - another worthless piece of crap but at least it doesn't hurt your arms

    'P7' - much the same as a P6 but a little bit bigger of a piece of crap

    'P8' - a bigger version of a P5 with 'assisted' power steering so that your arms don't quite fall off at the end of a shift

    'P1000' - an extremely long piece of crap that is impossible to get parts for which means if you need a 1000 you're stuck in an 8

    'Union' - those things that managers hate and that help keep the jobs of incompetent people as well as competent people...Fortunately the competent people rarely get in trouble so mostly the incompetent people. They also get us a benefit plan and pension (I know someone would yell at me so I hadn't to put pension and benefits in!)

    'Feeder Driver' - regular ups drivers are unsure if this fabled thing really exists. They all want the job since it involves sitting around and waiting but nobody really knows how to get it...Also known as, 'catching leprechauns' and 'spotting unicorns'

    'Management' - those guys that umm...hmm...What DO they do anyways?

    'Onroad sups' - those guys that make drivers lives miserable...but are a little better then depot managers

    'Depot manager' - :devil3:...enough said

    'Numbers' - like leprechauns and unicorns nobody's sure if they're really true or not..although everyone's leaning towards untrue

    'Living the dream' - sarcastic saying by ALL UPS drivers hoping to sucker in someone else to work for UPS in the hopes that stuff will get taken off their truck. Like leprechauns and unicorns this has never been seen (taking off the truck part that is)
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    'Fire extinguishers' (although I haven't proven this since I luckily never had to use one but was told this by multiple firefighters AND companies who refill the extinguishers that they WILL NOT work as they're all over 1 year since being inspected and are now essentially cement from the vibrations of the truck) - a pretty red decoration in your car

    This is absolutely true. When I worked for a different company, we (drivers) were required to take our fire extinguishers out once a month, turn them upside down, and carefully tap them on something (anything) to keep the powder loosened up so they would stay viable.

    With UPS, we may as well throw our fire extinguishers at a fire, that is about all they are good for.
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    I mentioned this to our safety committee and it went AAAAAALL the way up the chain to the Canadian head of health and safety who paid us a 'special visit'. I went so far as to get the international fire code law (which Canada abides by) to prove it.

    Anyways, he came in and said, 'nope, we don't have to, 'It's certified by federal law, not provincial'. When asked for proof he essentially just kept saying the same thing. When I asked my DM I was told, 'he has so many certificates it would make your head spin so stop worrying about it' hmm, doubt it.

    Here's the proof I managed to scrounge up (with very little effort).

    1. I spoke with a fire inspector who told me the law (which if I come across another one I'm going to request a fine :D )

    2. I photocopied a 2009 international fire code law stating they needed to be discharged every year and recertified

    3. If we don't follow provincial law does that mean I can driver as fast as I want and cut people off because it's provincial law and not federal?

    4. I know multiple acting fire chiefs and full time captains who all stated they need to be recertified every year

    5. There was no proof given on UPS' side of the argument other then, 'we looked into it and we're ok'

    Also talked to a few sups who said we're SUPPOSED to tap our extinguishers every time we go out. I don't recall that being on our pretrip training though :dissapointed: I was also told Fedex and Purilator don't recertify every year. I find all of it puzzling. All I want is a little proof, that's all :(
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    Ours have to be certified every year, but it's not good enough. Within a few (1-2) months of sitting the powder in an extinguisher becomes compacted in the bottom of the canister. It won't work. After 6 mos of sitting, even turning an extinguisher upside down and shaking it in the time of need would not work. By the time the powder was loosened up, a fire would be so out of control you may as well throw the extinguisher at the fire.
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    Where are you out of exactly? Canada or US? Since we were told federal law says we only need to do it every 6 years (hog wash) and don't need to follow provincial law (which is just plain funny).
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    US Arizona. :happy2:
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    Darnit! Wish you were Canadian so I could yell at them more :( It's all just a big money saver. $100 a pop for 300 of them = around $30 000. I WONDER why they don't follow provincial law, hmm?
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    We were recently told that we were not to touch the extinguishers in the building whatsoever, and that they were just there to satisfy the State of Oregon and OSHA. In all reality, if a forklift catches on fire or something, we're supposed to walk away and let it burn. I'm sorry UPS Freight, I cannot, in good conscience, do that, even if that is my "work as directed!"
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    I do have a funny story to do with burning vehicles.

    My father was a full time fire fighter. We had the smallest piece of junk car. One of those small, square style Toyota's that just look like a death sentence. Anyways, the gas line was leaking and I guess the fuel got heated and flames started spewing from the emergency break.

    It was winter, so my father got out of the car, threw snow on the fire and managed to put it out. The car was a write off, even though the framework was still good.

    Here's the real kicker...The insurance wouldn't cover it because HE put the fire out. If he had've let it burn he would've gotten 5k for it...It must be the same insurance company UPS uses.