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  1. ORLY!?!

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    After a shift on Tuesday I was driving home behind a P6. I noticed a hazmat paper fly out the right side door. I dont know what to think or say, other then " well that could cost UPS 30,000, a warning or worse to a driver or PT if they get stopped or get into a crash ".

    I really think that the cups in the car cab cant handle a hazmat paper. It seems to fly out due to wind within the cab. I had a driver who got into a wreck, where a semi t-boned him, the car came crashing to one side. I saw the wreck too, since I picked a different path from work ( one a million chance ), and I knew there was a hazmat onboard and even saw papers fly out of the cab and car.

    The question is, where can I bring this up to leadership on the inside to change the cup within the cab? I've often said there needs to be a open and close clip on those cups. I need, we all need, to bring this up. Keeping a hazmat in those cups on inspections and crashes should be a forced issue. They fall out too easily.
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    Was this in the morning or evening? Stuff in the trash blows around all the time if the winds are right. Never had problem with anything in pouch.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    This was the start of that drivers shift. Yea it could've been trash or something left over from the day before.

    I just imagen with a door open and a window rolled down so much, speed of car can give birth to a vortex within the cab. Causing it to fly out at times.

    A safety write up for a hazmat is a pretty big deal. Doesnt look good on your record, well a PT record. They wouldnt blame the driver for the 30k fine, they would blame the loader for it obviously.
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    I've never had this happen. I bet they were in the garbage from yesterday or he left them on the dash.
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    Always loved those self-emptying trash cans.:sick:
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    That reminds me of when I first became a driver. If I wanted to get rid of some stops I'd put my call tags on the dash and open the doors on the highway. Poof easier day.
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    Odds of winning the powerball lottery, one in 15 million.
    Odds of getting a hazmat coupon fine, one in 20 million.
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    What I want to know is who do we have to talk to to get the preloaders to actually load a HAZMAT properly, including pulling the papers?
  9. Future

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    Lmao........me also,,,,dont think i did a call tag till mt third year of driving