A Postal Service Makeover

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    A Postal Service Makeover - Oh My Gov

    The U.S. Postal Service is in a tough spot. Increasingly pushed toward irrelevance in our digital society, it is bleeding money and seeing dramatic cuts in volume of mail handled. In 2008 the USPS saw the biggest decline in mail since the Great Depression, and racked up an expected loss of $7 billion.

    To reverse the decline, the USPS is looking hard at ways to revamp its identity and business model. Merely selling stamps and charging for shipping services will not keep the Postal Service afloat, especially not in the current economy.

    In the past, the USPS has tried and failed to introduce and market non-postal products; some of these ventures were in retail goods, some in money order services. The Postal Service tried to work with the Mexican Postal Service and authorities to facilitate cross border transfers, but the pursuit failed and the USPS ended the attempt.

    How can the Postal Service attract more business? It's looking at creating services for electronically-dependent consumers and promotions that will keep consumers from switching to private-sector competitors like the United Parcel Service.