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    Okay, so I've been @ UPS for over a year now. I'm 19 so I know that I can't drive till I'm 21 anyways. Here's the situation. My girlfriend and I are wanting to relocate to a college of her choice when she graduates. But she also wants to keep in mind that it might be better for her to go to a college near a hub that I can transfer to because It could mean I'll have to wait less to go Full Time. My current hub will be a 13-14 year wait. My question is, is there anyone that I could ask that could tell me where a decent hub is that I could transfer to where I wouldn't have to wait 8+ years to go full time? And what would be the chances do you think for me to apply and receive a full time job on UPS Careers full time package delivery driver listings. I know people have to wait years and years, but there has to be a way out of waiting so many years if you're willing to relocate "any" where! Right??? I mean my best friend just got hired @ UPS 7 months ago @ Tahoe and they asked him to drive!! C'MON MAN!
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    What kind of transfer are you looking for?
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    What happened to..........college? If you're going to put your life on UPS, I really feel sorry for you.
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    Since your girl is going to school marry her and just live off her.
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    See if I have this straight:

    ​You are nineteen, have a girlfriend still in high school and want to follow her to college.
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    Sounds about right.

    On the next Jerry Springer Show.
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    How's that for an insult? Pity from you ain't even know it. Labels up, bruh.
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    Do you see what "you know what" can do to a man? What power!
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    Umm... I think your answer might be in the blackened portion of your post. Is there a college near Tahoe?
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    13-14 year wait? Really? Not even sure how they can predict that, but if it's accurate then it's nuts. There's a lot of variable that happen in that time span. Biggest one is the economy. The other is how much shipping will grow.

    If the country went into a depression, I can't imagine how long it would take.
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    Asked him to do seasonal I'm sure.
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    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Did you see me sitting beside Lenny Clarke? It must be true if even he thought I was an out of control loud mouth!
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    Haha, well wasn't really expecting these types of answers, but I must say I do love the jokes/comments. No. I'm 2 years out of high school, did college for 1 year until I learned how much UPS driver make, haha 65,000-92,000 a year, yeah most BA degrees won't give you that. Yes my girlfriend is graduating this year from HS, she's very smart and she might end up supporting me until I go full time. My QUESTION is, who would I talk to about finding a "decent" hub to go to that may be hiring within 5 years. Do I talk to our local HR, Union Business Manager....? Who? Or would they even give me information about that stuff.
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    JL 0513, My center manager told me this and said it was because of the generation that the drivers are currently in. We have 37 driver. about 95% of them are in their 35-40's, and there are about 18 people in front of me for seniority... that's why "my" wait would be roughly 13-14 years.
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    I don't have any of the answers that you are looking for but I did want to say that I think it's great that you're looking for a career and you are willing to locate.

    My husband is actually the upser- he's been with the company roughly 14 years. Started pt in college and he is an on road sup and currently on special assignment. He graduated with a Bachelors of science and his next step was the Mcats for medical school.

    I will say he has always regretted not going into medical school but he is a dedicated worker to ups. It is a very demanding job and you will work a lot of hours. I know management is different then driving for hours- he puts in around 60 a week and more for peak. Plus you guys get overtime :)

    Driving will wear your body down so be smart with your money and save save save for retirement. You started young as so did he so he will retire when he's 55. I just met a driver at our local hub and he's very close to retiring at a young age because he started when he was 17. I don't remember his age but I do think my husband told me he was in his late 40's. He will continue to work in a different field but he will have the leisure to do so at his will.

    So if you know this is what you want- go for it and don't let anyone tell you you're making the wrong choice. Ask anyone you feel can give you some guidance. I feel as though what is the worst that can happen? They give you a smart remark or they could possibly help guide you to the right person to get the info.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks for the encouragement WifeofUPSer! Yes hours will be long along with wear an tear on the body! Heck I only work 5hrs per day @ my hub and my body feels used haha. UPS is a great career, I would just like to find a way out of having to wait 10+ years before I go full time.
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    The smaller the hub the more likely you can go fulltime quicker. A small hub or extended center has lower part-timer/ full-timer ratio.