A simple idea to reduce misloads

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by soberups, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. soberups

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    I get misloads every single day, and have for years now. Inevitably, the package is on the correct shelf but it belongs in the car next to me, which means I get to make a 15 mile round trip to make service on it. The problem, I think, is that all PAL labels pretty much look the same in the back of a dimly lit package car at 4:00AM.

    A simple solution....would be to color code the PAL labels. If they used a printer that could print in 6 different colors, the routes could be arranged so that no two adjacent routes shared the same color. Its a lot easier for the human eye to spot the difference between red and blue on a PAL label than it is to spot the difference between 702-1468 and 703-1468 on a PAL label.

    Any thoughts?
  2. CFLBrown

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    Crazy talk!

    The PPH requirement on the preload has gone up during the PAS years and nothing has changed (functionality wise) since it was first implemented. Hense the crappier load quality.

    I actually do think you have a great idea. Management on the other hand will counter that with; 'follow the methods' or 'verify'.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our PDS has added the bid driver's initials to the lane number in an effort to reduce misloads. PAL's for my pkg car start with 22DB-XXXX.

    If you haven't already done so, come in a few minutes early on Monday and watch the SPA person in action. He/she barely has enough time to scan/print/apply so, unless the program would automatically change print colors, this option, although it does make sense, would not be feasible.
  4. cosmo1

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    The initials don't work, and I think the idea is to let the software select the colors.

    Great idea, btw. I know a lot of air was loaded in the load when we went to the computer-generated labels and away from the red stickers.
  5. Bagels

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    It'd be nice if UPS updated its equipment. We've been using the same computers & printers (which are consistently refurbished) since PAS was installed here more than ten years ago. Which is interesting given there's modern computers and flat panels which are 90% more energy efficient, and would easily pay for themselves within a year before delivering energy savings. Instead, UPS turns the heat off.
  6. curiousbrain

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    I sympathize.

    The printers in the unload where I am employed have consistently been breaking lately; they are all replaced with the crappy OKI's ... Let's say I have a problem with them that I can't figure out, and I call the help desk and/or my TSG, and they both tell me "Oh, those machines suck." I ask why I am getting them, and the response, without a hint of humor, is "because that's all we buy now."
  7. UPS Preloader

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    Suggested the same thing 2-3 years ago... They gave me some stupid excuse that I can't remember at this point. (They also mentioned doing away with the PAL labels. Said something about having it laser printed directly on the package.)
  8. Jackburton

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    I find the technology itself causes more misloads than the loader loading the wrong route on the vehicle. The stats on this are skewed due to the fact supervisors encourage you to sheet a package NSS/NSN if the orginal label gave the PAL system the incorrect info. Also the fact some drivers get a pass to sheet as above knowing that it should be sheeted as a misload but don't want to run it because it's inconvenient.
  9. curiousbrain

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    Of course, because then they won't be DNED's (if they are too lazy to GSS scan it themselves) and they can justify it as a lookup. Although, it occurs to me to be a little careful, because some basic detective work can identify the DIAD that scanned the package and the time; so, if you as a driver sheet a package as an NSN or whatever, and it is an important customer (the local bankers mortgage papers or whatever), they will dump it right back in your lap.

    Or, so I've heard.
  10. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    It's never a problem unless it causes management a problem. -driver sup in our building.
  11. soberups

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    Thats what I am suggesting; update the software and printer to automatically color the labels according to car position. A preloader who had 5 cars to load would have 5 different colored PAL labels for his assignment. Or, if it isn't technically feasable to color the entire label, have it squirt a colored "dot" on the label. It would require a $$ investment up front of course, but it would pay for itself quite quickly with the resulting reduction in misloads.
  12. Brownslave688

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    How bout a z scan. Have them read a freaking label and I won't end up with misloads in towns 45 minutes away.
  13. PT Car Washer

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    Old school.
  14. ORLY!?!

    ORLY!?! Master Loader

    Do they load off a belt, house or boxline?

    Do you know their start time? Do you know amount he /she gets? Do they get pulled away alot? Do they get help all the time?
  15. jaker

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    All good ideas , but how about just holding the sup's accountable for the miss loads
  16. kingOFchester

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    Sounds like a great idea if the technology is there at the speed they apply the labels.

    I use to load 4 cars. 316 317 318 319. Had the most trouble with the 316 and 319. Something to do with the nines and sixes getting mixed up.
  17. curiousbrain

    curiousbrain Well-Known Member

    What I used to do, when I was a belt sup, was make all the areas have an "off" number; so, if you loaded 316, 317, 318, 319, I would make it 316, 317, 318, and 999 (as an example). And, I had a few loaders who had that exact problem you describe - mixing up the similar looking numbers when your moving at a hundred miles per hour; I padded the PAS load with as many zeros as I could. So, if it was 316 and 319, it'd be 316 and 0319, or 00319 .. however many characters I could get away with; anything for a visual marker.
  18. kingOFchester

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    Ahhh someone who actually thinks at UPS,,,,,,who would of thunk?
  19. pretzel_man

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    I've heard this discussed before. A very good idea by the way.

    From what I was told, there is no printer that can do what you discuss at the moment. It not only needs to print in color, but needs to do so at the speed of the current printers. In addition, it must do so for thousands of labels a day.

    High speed, industrial strength color printers are not available yet....
  20. PT Car Washer

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    How about we just slowdown and do the job right. If that means you have to start the Preload earlier so be it. Our preload does not even start untill 5:00 AM now. I remember starting 3:30 to 4:00 every morning.