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    Here is what happened in small sorts this week. In a nutsell, a bag of letters was being scanned into a bag under the wrong destination tag. A small misunderstanding on reading destination codes caused me to accidentally send a bag of CitiBank collection letters to a neighboring hub in the northwest region causing 66 service failures. Many may not realize how just a simple understanding of numbers can cause such headache. For example, reading destination codes 08071 and 80712 would have the same meaning as 8071x . In mathematics, the number 08871 and 8871 are the same value. In a simple algebraic equation, 08871/8871 = 1 . And, 8871/08871 = 1 . The final interpretation was 08071 and 8071x would go to the same hub! OOPS! ! ! Keep in mind that this occurrence involved one bag, not multiple bags.

    Now I am expecting a warning letter after being moved out of small sorts. The plan foreperson, told me that it was time to go to my new home. Already knowing what the address was, I knew exactly where to go.

    First I would like to commend the supervisor who runs the small sorts operation as being both professional and reasonable. Both the current and previous supervisor does a good job and has far more patience in dealing with the "unique personalities" associated with that department.

    Here are several problems I've observed while working in small sorts.

    1. When such mistakes do happen, such does not get communicated down the line to prevent a future recurrence. Since I was deported to another area, another scanner can easily end up making the same mistake. I'm simply not there to warn others of this potential for mistakes. In this hub, it is common practice to move those who have several misload occurrences to another area in the building.

    2. The biggest producers are the ones who got moved due to misloads. The simple law of mathematics applies, the more packages the more possible occurrences. This leaves the far more cautious scanners behind. While this cuts down on misloads, this also creates the potential of massive service failures due to mail not making it way out of the building on time. For example, you normally have 20,000 packages. Removing 3 people who normally scan a combined total of 5,000 pieces reduces your total capacity by 25%. This in turn ties up the whole operation from smalls to the outbound belt.

    3. Excessive call outs/attendance problems leaves work stations vacated. This is really a large problem as scanners often must be moved around often to fill vacated work stations. One thing I discovered is that each area has its idiosyncrasies. Best to have a person who is familiar with all the kinks.

    4. Bad work attitude and excessive gossiping wrecks more havoc than any of the above. When working the area, I heard constant complaints about filing grievances, having to work split shifts, bad mouthing, picking fights, and work slow downs. This leaves a select group of scanners who must pick up the slack. I'll admit that 90% of my misload problems was due to going at high speeds and taking a few risks hear and there.

    Here are a few things I believe will result in major operations improvements and perhaps reduce misloads:

    1. Have color coded RTS labels or have packages that are "return to sender" stamped "RTS" next to the bar code.
    2. When a person causes a misload, take into consideration past production counts, did the employee realize how occurrence happened and present a game plan on preventing in future.
    3. Amount of refunds issued to customers. Most misloads do not ultimately result client requesting refund.
    4. Have an attendance scorecard. Employees must be accountable to missing work, excessive tardies, etc... Those who miss more than 3 days in a 6 month period should be spoken to about attendance. Those who are chronically late (over 5 min) on a frequent bases should also be held accountable.
    5. Have all equipment in good working order. Packages have been known to fall out of bins with broken hinges; this could certainly cause a misload.
    6. Chronic complainers should be counseled with supervisor and shop steward as to why they still want to work for UPS. One lady who worked for the company for 18 years kept fussing at me about not getting enough air from the fans and being too hot!! 18 years in the Big Brown oven and complained about be too hot!!! Try telling this to the shop steward who presents a "shot gun theory" to many things in life.

    Well, I could go on and write a book and make a movie, but don't want to be late to the big brown machine. Perhaps, a TV show script can be written based on all the gossip from small sorts. Such TV show would fit very nicely between the D Rated cable gossipzine and AM infomercial which is about to begin as I head off to the Brown Machine. Have a great day.
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    Your talents are being wasted on small sort. Get a letter of intent for pt sup and fill it out. Then you can straighten up the whole darned mess.
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    Then I would have to deal with all "UnIqUe" personalities LOL!! BTW, I ended up working in smalls today cause they were staffed 29 out of 41 peeps. Me and a coworker was loading trucks only to not have enough to load cause smalls was short staffed. Suffice to say, I went from scanning to scanning!
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    Regardless of all of the above, the outbound loader ABSOLUTELY MUST check the bag for 3 good labels befoer loading. If it was a bad bag but with no service failures ,which this should have been, then it is not a huge issue. If they were legit misloads that a loader could not have helped prevent, I could see that as an occurance.

    Make sure that loader down-wind gets a warning letter too if that's the case.... for not doing his or her job!
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    Looking at all the thought and effort you put into the analysis and cures for this situation I would have no problems keeping you in the small sort. Quick is good accuracy is better and what keeps our customers happy.
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    I agree! Wouldn't it be a lot wiser for the company to keep this guy(who knows how he screwed up AND how to keep it from happening again), then put some new guy there who could make the same mistake?
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    Well, it's hard to find a place to begin but believing I'm the person mentioned in the first section, #4 let me just say that if you had been with the company 18 years and had your 22.3 fulltime job of 11 years "dissolved" and ended up working split shifts I really don't think you would be very happy about it either. What do you have in? Less than a year? You still have stars in your eyes about the way the Company is ran and eventually you'll get over it and figure out the ONLY thing that matters is production numbers.

    As for #6 of your solutions if I want Counseling it will not be from a Supervisor or from anyone who has not done the time or walked in my shoes for the amount of years I have in. If you think you can solve all problems put in your letter for Management.
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    you get your letter next day file on it . you keep your postion case closed YOU HAVE [ RIGHTS] SCREW THEM.
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    no one has addressed the main problem, still. What about the person who loaded the bad bag? That is where the responsibility ultimately lies.
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    What is not being said is this is the 2nd occurrence with a warning letter being sent to this person. This person also asked for a Contract which I provided but doubt he joined unless it was for protection right now, funny how that works isn't it?

    "This leaves a select group of scanners who must pick up the slack." Thanks for the laugh on this one!!
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    Herbie, great read! I have been smalls, and know the bags. You sound great, and to GOOD for smalls, lol:wink2:
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    Actually that is a fairly accurate representation of small sort. Lots of personalities, talkers, mean people. And then the 20% that do most of the scans.
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    Think I am lost?
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    Herb, you sound too smart for UPS. I agree that you should stay in small sort; you understand what the problem was and probably won't repeat it any time too soon. And Bellesmom and you work together? That must be fun. Nothing like working in close quarters with someone that is not happy. That is why I like driving. All by myself ALONE!
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    Ohhhh, got it now, zips lip, said my quote, DONE.
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    The purpose of this thread is to suggest ways to improve UPS which is already a good company. I was not speaking of "one" person in particular. This person I was speaking of is an example or persona of what I typically hear in the smalls area. So, example # 4 is not you. We don't know the location of each other hubs so lets keep it at that. Moreover, there is no need to speculate on how many warning letters another coworker has. How could I possibly guess how many warning letters you had? I simply can't and won't. Better to not talk about our hubs or work locations. Also, I don't do names either.
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    I don't even call it small sort anymore. In my center it should be called bigs sort. We were told the other day that a package is a small if you can fit at least 3 in a bag and is 10 lbs. and under. Did it officially go to this rule, or is this just some bullcrap so management can make their smalls percentage number? I say bring back the old coat hanger method.
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    warning 1 thru 100 is just that dont do cardinal sin sTEALl drugs fiGHT lie you cAN put the wrong package on a car transport what ever till end of time DONT WORRY ABOUT IT
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    Whatever, I'm done with the conversation and don't believe I've named names or locations. ZERO is my number of warning letters so I can't be all that bad of an employee and have done most jobs in and outside of the building over 18 years.
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    Logic is not something used by UPS management :wink2: