A Touchy Legal Question For FedEx, UPS: What’s in the Box?

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    A Touchy Legal Question For FedEx, UPS: What’s in the Box? - Wall Street Journal

    How much responsibility do shippers like FedEx Corp. or United Parcel Service Inc. bear for the contents of the box or envelope they deliver to your doorstep?

    That’s the question carriers are mulling after the Department of Justice indicted FedEx last week with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances over its alleged role in transporting painkillers and other prescription drugs that had been sold illegally. FedEx denies any wrongdoing, and says it will plead not guilty.
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    Ignorant complicity is still complicity.
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    On a small scale, one would would have higher expectations that the carrier knows the shipper well enough to discern problems. As big as UPS and FedEx are that knowledge would be a logistical nightmare.
    So no, neither should be considered guilty of accessory.
    Contrary wise, how easy would it be to get banged for discrimination trying to profile trouble customers?