Amazon’s Newest Ambition: Competing Directly With UPS and FedEx

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    Amazon’s Newest Ambition: Competing Directly With UPS and FedEx - Wall Street Journal

    Just before the morning rush hour on a recent Thursday, a brigade of vans rolled up to a low-slung warehouse near Los Angeles International Airport.

    Workers in bright green vests crammed some 150 packages into each truck before the fleet headed through the urban sprawl to customers’ doorsteps.

    This logistical dance wasn’t performed by United Parcel Service Inc., FedEx Corp. or the U.S. Postal Service, all longtime carriers for the online-retail giant. It was part of an operation by Inc. itself, which is laying the groundwork for its own shipping business in a brazen challenge to America’s freight titans.
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    Due to losing my eyesight last year , but did now get it back thanks to catarac surgery
    My vehicle is still parked 200 km away and can't get it currently.
    Shopping lots on Amazon and finding many prices cheaper than in grocery stores !
    From flour to Campbells soups. Even got a case of 24 cans of V8 juice home deliverd cheap !
    Getting about 1 delivery per week in average.
    Baking my own bread with my new cusinart breadmaker.
    Just made my homemade German bretzels last night, again :)
    Only 1 out of a dozen deliveries is coming from UPS. Probably less than that.
    And , I'm still wondering how they can deliver 24 cans of heavy soup , plus heavy flour to my door , cheaper than prices at the supermarket!