ABC News reports Constitution is optional

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Jul 11, 2009.

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    "a senior White House official said Sunday said that the difficulty of the task might mean temporarily bypassing the Senate’s constitutional role in ratifying treaties by enforcing certain aspects of a new deal on an executive levels and a “provisional basis” until the Senate ratifies the treaty."

    OK a little old but I've been busy.

    Someone once posted on this forum that B. Hussein was an expert on the Constitution. :happy-very: This guy is turning into a very large joke.
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    :smart:You have been away, and I for one have missed you. And I'm not sure about the turning part, kinda think he always was. Only now its not funny.
  3. av8torntn

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    I always viewed him as an inside joke now he is a worldwide joke.
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    I think you should have posted it like this.

    But then that's not a joke, it's a fact!