About to be fired! What to do??

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    I've been working at FedEx for 5months without a problem. 2 weeks ago our manager got promoted & we got a new one. On his very 1st day all he talked about was the amount of people he fired for not coming to work or not having a load rate about 390. Well its only been 2 weeks & me & "Only" the experienced package handlers have been wrote up day after day for load rates. Yesterday I got wrote up twice because I scanned 1500 packages & I had 1 miss load. I desperately need to switch to a new bay area. I loved working for FedEx but in the past 2 weeks my experience has been extremely horrible under him. Its easy for him to write us up because no one at our FedEx does 360 packages a day. The average is 280-310. Who should I talk to in order to move to a new bay? He said he was going to record our load rates for 15 days. If we don't do 360 we will all be fired. FedEx Nashville
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    360/day! That is nothing. We the "Sheeple" in Memfrica have to scan 300-400/hr. or we will be assigned to another jop or fired after several OLCCs. That averages out to between 800 and 1200 packages per shift. Working on the Memphis Plantation really blows!
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    About to be fired! What to do???

    How about celebrate!!!...not being flip either. Ask yourself honestly "is this the sort of environment I really want to work in?....are these the sort of people I really want to work for?"..... You're lucky, you've only invested but a few short months in the hell known as FedEx. Slow down and let 'em fire ya....it'll be the best thing that ever happened to you - you just don't realize it yet.

    FedEx SUCKS!!!.......all of it!
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    Sounds like the new manager is trying to make a name for himself.
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    This is just the beginning. It's only going to get worse from here on. You should seriously consider resigning and finding a proper job elsewhere.
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    And it will not end well for him either. Seen his kind come and go quickly several times.
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    I'm at the Nashville Fedex. We only take around 70,000 packages per night. There is no way to get such a high load rate because there aren't enough packages. There are never any lights on and there are 2 people per trailer. They hire so many extra people that I have to jump into other trailers and simply scan all the packages without packing them just to keep up the load rate I have. I called out of work today because If I go I will be wrote up for sure for yesterdays load rate. It's the manager that I think needs to go. Our previous manager didn't have a load rate policy. His policy was make sure we keep the lights on and stay safe. And we did that successfully until the new manager came. Now he wants the same but a load rate that just can't be done. To even get 390 pph 1st there has to people less people and the warning lights need to be on for the trailers indicated there are over 300 packages in the shout. When I get in a trailer it's usually one 20 packages. We have to wait around for packages to come down the shout. It's not like we can go help out our neighbors because they are waiting around also.

    I went back and read some of the agreements I signed. If I call Fedex Aint-Harassment line (1-866-42-Fedex) and let them know the issue I am having with my manager and how he's constantly harassing me with write ups and I request to be moved to another bay area in the building will they solve the problem? Or will they fire me in like 2 weeks?
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    Sounds like it. But I'm sure most people have a name for him already.
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    I really doubt anyone is going to get fired. While handlers are generally considered expendable, I think this is just a tactic to light a fire under the butts of people who now report to him. It would be a feather in his cap if productivity were to increase even slightly so soon after his posting. All the first time senior managers I've worked for had a similar attitude the second they walked in the door.
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    I feel a lot better about being a courier now.
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    Challenge his attempts of an OLCC with HR. You sound like a guy who's only trying to do your best with whats presented to you. If you still like working for FEDUP , ask why the new manager is targeting you. Make you wonder if this guy was hired for headhunting or actually work to fing ways for a efficient operation. My guess is the former.