About to start job at Fedex ISP looking for insight.

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    After responding to a craigslist post for a Fedex driver position I got the call back to fill out an application a couple weeks ago and have gotten the green light to start driving this week. I'm curious to what the pros and cons are since I'm driving for an independent service contractor for Fedex rather than Fedex themselves. I would have preferred to work for the main company but I'll take what I can get right now as I've been unemployed for some time.

    My last job was for a similar driving position at a ISP for Amazon which was quite the unpleasant experience. It was a mess, you got a new route almost everyday and had to learn the tricks to get around, the gps they had was absolute trash and would take you to wrong streets or flat out turn off and require a reboot, you were always in such a rush that it was rare you could take your lunch and most didn't, my supervisors were incredibly stressed out at all times and often took it out on the underlings, this unsurprisingly created a ridiculous turnover rate and it was common to see drivers jumping ship months after hiring. I don't know if that gig was so unorganized due to being new or if that's just what being a courier delivery driver entails.

    That's my main concern going into this, I set aside any assumptions when I took this job since Fedex has been in this business far longer and I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't mind working under a strict time frame as long as the technology doesn't impede my ability to do my job. This position requires me to drive the larger truck which they were very adamant on having at least a year of relevant driving experience in 16 ft trucks, pay starts at $140/day then increases after 6 months where you get a raise. I was a bit surprised when they explained the position as it was seemingly advertised to be operated in my local area which was nice but ended up being that the base of operations was local and the route was over a half hour away, not a big deal but it wasn't made clear at all in the job advertisement, obviously it would be nice to be closer to home in the event of an emergency or other events.

    Any tips on thriving in this position? Am I right to be a little skeptical after the negative experience I had at Amazon? Will working for a Fedex ISP have any benefits on getting hired at the main company in the future? On a side note I got my commercial pilots license in the past and have always dreamed of flying freight, no passengers to deal with and all the benefits of flying a jet, will my job experience here have any benefits were I to go for such a position in the future?
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    If you can, try to get a job at Express instead. You'll get OT, benefits (crappy), and better pay. The expectations are also higher. Peruse a few of the posts here and get an idea of what you're getting into.

    Don't expect Ground to be much better than an Amazon contractor job.

    Your best bet? Get a job as a UPS handler and work your way up.
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    in a nutshell - not one iota
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    Not unless he has lots of turbine time and the required hours. I do know a few people who worked for FedEx, came up the hard way and are now pilots for major airlines. Only 1 flies for FedEx.
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    Is Express a part of Fedex themselves? Iirc they drive the small white vans? OT is something that I was specifically told I wouldn't get at this job unfortunately as I would take every hour given to me. Do higher expectations mean more stops and packages to deliver? I'm going to dive into this forum to get a better understanding of this industry as I feel I could learn a lot. That's frightening to hear that ground isn't much better than the Amazon contractor though it is basically the same thing, I suppose I was just hoping they operated more efficiently. I've thought about getting into UPS in the past and did do some research regarding the seniority thing that requires you to work as a handler for so many years before you can become a driver which sounds really lucrative, I guess I just haven't bothered to try and get such a position during that time but am willing to now.

    I figured this would be the case.
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    Yes, Express is one of the FedEx opcos where they have employees, not contractors, doing the driving. I'm not going to get into the Ground "employee" debate with you. FedEx Custom Critical and Ground are "independent contractors".

    UPS is very lucrative in comparison with FedEx, but it's harder work and takes longer to become a package car driver.
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    There doesn't seem to be too many places to get turbine experience unless you start off at a smaller regional airline and work your way up. How did your acquaintances get their hours? Instructing into commercial aviation and then straight to Fedex? I wonder why the others left Fedex for the majors, from what I gathered it's a lot more stressful to fly passengers since it's essentially customer service rather than an empty jet of cargo but I'm sure they both have their pros and cons, most notably pay I'm guessing.
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    I'd love to work for Fedex directly, I guess I thought it would be more difficult to get hired with them. UPS seems to be the place to be.
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    Instructing, then flying freight at night in piston twins and moving on to turbine twins. After that, smaller regionals to build enough hours.
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    Flying freight at night sounds like a fun gig, I hope I can push myself to get into that industry some day since I went far enough to get my licenses, flying for Fedex/UPS would be a dream.
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    Very large percentage of UPS pilots are ex-military, would assume this would be the hardest of all your options to gain. But, by far the most lucrative.
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    Ground puts out a job ad that makes it appear to be local but it's really out of town. Hmmm?
    Imagine that.

    Well they're already waving the first red flag.

    Proceed with the utmost caution.
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    Working for a Ground contractor huh? Let's put it this way. What you're doing now for what you're getting now is what you'll be doing now for what you're getting now 5 years from now. A sorry way to advance your career aspirations as a pilot. Might as well go up to Alaska and fly Commando's and Super Connie's for "Buffalo Joe" . In any event you won't go anywhere with X until you spend at least a month at the Fedex
    Mind Control and Reeducation Academy . The brain washing isn't too bad but I hear that the waterboarding can be a bit difficult at times.
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    I imagine the ad listed the terminal location not delivery area. You'd have a similar complaint if they did the opposite.

    As to OP, how well organized the company you'll be working for will vary greatly on the contractor. Some are well run others are barely hanging on and it could be a mess. There's no way to know before you get there and see their operation for a while.
  15. Cactus

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    Bottom line:

    More than likely you won't be happy there.
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    That $140 a day is likely for 10+ hours a day, which is less than $12 an hour when you take the lack of overtime pay into account. And if you improve, and get faster, you won't save time or make more money- you'll just get sent out with more stops. During peak holiday season, you may be expected to work even more for the same pay. In my mind, working for $12 an hour should not be the most stressful job you can get.

    And the ISP should be withholding taxes out of your pay, or you will owe the IRS at the end of the year.

    Working for the Express division of fedex will be a better deal for you if you can get on full-time. A few months driving for the contractor at ground may make it easier to get hired at Express because of the experience you gain.
  17. It will be fine

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    Based on your vast experience at Ground?
  18. Cactus

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    One doesn't have to be employed by Ground to realize it sucks. Look at the wages, look at the condition of the vehicles, look at how the drivers convey the company image. Need I go on?
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