ADP total pay card to direct deposit ?

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    Hello, i'm new to browncafe and recently got hired as a package handler. My question is, when i filled out my paper work on i signed up for the ADP total pay option. I changed my mind after reading bad reviews. When i tried to update my payment option on there, it won't let me because everything is locked. So, i updated my direct deposit on I'm in my first week of training(4th day). I was told my first check will be a paper check. Will my direct deposit info be updated in time so that my following checks/funds don't get issued into the adp card? How long will it take for this to be updated? I've read different answers to this. Anybody from a similar experience? thanks.
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    Thanks for the replys my dear brown folks. 8] Anyways, a brief update for those who might have some use for it. My direct deposit was updated in time. Took about 5 days. ADP kept trying to contact me weeks after because they sent the card to the wrong address.. With that said, direct deposit is THEEE way to go. My 2 cents. l8rr
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    You are right--direct deposit is the way to go. You can go one step further and go paperless direct deposit. By choosing this option you would not receive a paper pay statement each Thursday but instead would to go to check your pay stub. If there was ever a time that you needed to print a pay stub, like if there were ever an error in your pay, you can do that right from upsers. The only pay stub that you really need is the end of year stub so that you can do your taxes. I have had paperless direct since they have offered this option and don't miss the paper stubs at all. The company saves a little money by not printing my pay stub.
  4. i use the ADP card along with a regular checking account. The adp card is my fun money and the checking is for my bills. ive had that card for about 6 yrs now and have never had any problems with it. The only flaw i see in it is the magnetic stripe wears down pretty quickly.