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    To all the new Hires:

    If you are just starting at UPS know this. UPS is basically a world within a world that makes its own rules without any consent or opinions from its employees. With that being said their are some good and bad things in the company like all places but the cons could overweight the pros depending on the type of person you are and what you want to do. If you are a business minded person than this is the place for you, and if you are in school its even better cause a degree could take you to places in the company. However if you are not and you dont like to be around a fast paced environment that only cares about their numbers than please quit as soon as you find something better. I see people that have been there for years and they are making good money but their bodies are broken and they are sad that they have put so much time that they cant leave anymore, dont put yourself in that spot. The company and the Union are at war and always will be also respect is earned not given. Just do what you have to do and your be fine and keep your eye on the prize. I have worked at UPS for 6 years and my goal is to get my degree and leave. Hope this helps on advice.
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    Fair opinion
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    Maybe this should be made a sticky, and then we'll never, ever see a new hire question again.:funny:
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    UPS is a centralized, military-type environment; most people will not describe it as a fun place to work. That said, PTers enjoy a straight M-F schedule and earn $10.50/hour with great, no-cost benefits & two weeks paid vacation + ten paid holidays & a week of sick time (or another week of vacation) after one year; some locations offer tuition reimbursement. For menial work, it's the best compensation package offered for many. Of course, there's opportunities for PT, FT management and PT air or FT driving jobs paying nearly $33/hour. And many PTers are eligible for seasonal driving jobs & cover jobs within their first year of employment. So there's opportunity available. As far as your body falling apart... it's manual labor. Any manual labor type job will take its toll on your body. Take care of yourself and the impact will be less.
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    degree??? I have seen many with degrees that go no where at UPS, management and no-management
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    Scott Davis drools over having UPS featured in Best Places for Minorities to Work, Best Places for Lesbians to Work, Best Places for Women to Work, Best Places for Black Lesbians to Work, etc. publications. If you qualify, this supersedes having a college education, or even being good at your job.
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    Not sure about UPS but at Express a LARGE LARGE majority of the females are lesbians. Especially the female managers. Fred the weasel loves having lesbian managers in his workforce. Because obviously most lesbians hate men. So they make great managers of a mostly male workforce.
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    $10.50 an hr? starting pay is 8.50
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    I was referring to after one year, assuming the employee gets the dollar premium (most do).
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    Not anymore if you work in the larger smart buildings. They're taking away the dollar premium for sorters and pick offs (for the new guys taking over the positions anyway.) The job is for a certain kind of person if it's going to be a career option. If it's short term, just grit your teeth and maybe keep your eyes open for a better fit.
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    They tried it here too, we grieved -- the contract doesn't mention any inclusions/exclusions - they dropped their argument.
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    Over here you have to know 4-5 different trailers/belts etc to get the premium. We're not a smart building...well...our smalls is a smart smalls now and they've already taken away the premium. Maybe our BA is just that slow getting to the grievance. I wouldn't put it past him...dude is busy as hell.
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    UPS is just like any other big business nowdays. None of them give a hoot about their employees. If you stick it out for awhile the pay will be great and the benefits outstanding-----------------------------on second thought I take that back . Check back after the upcoming contract----things may change.
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    That was his first post.
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    or it is a fake noob.
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    Oh oh...I know...make sure your hamstrings and calves are nice and stretched out for the prolonged periods of ankle grabbing. That's good advice right?!