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    Am looking for some advice and views. Have been a package car driver for 3 and half years. The first 10 months i was settled on a route, which was ok. Since then i have spent the last 2 and half years covering approx 6 routes when drivers on hols. If there been no routes to cover either doing bulk or clearing up whats left. I am not the only driver in our centre that has knowledge of these routes, but it always ends up with me doing them! A local route became available last nov which i asked if i could take on a permanent basis. I was told that after xmas peak have been and gone this would be ok. Since Jan i have done this route approx 10 times. I have just spent the last week on it , but know i am going to be told to cover one of the 6 routes this week. I am just wondering how you might deal with this as i really want to get settled again on this local route and not be doing this and that and cover this n that etc etc!!

    Many thanks for your views.
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    did you get to bid this year?

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    In the west this is how its done. They must post that route for bid for cant remember the exact time but its in the ball park of 2wks. After that most senior guy gets the route. If you get the route they cannot make you do other routes. The other right you have if you dont have the bid for that route is if you have senority over the other guys and both have knowledge of the routes you get to do the route you want over the other guy. If they have not posted the route for bid I would tell them to do it. If they dont follow these rules if your under the same rules I am then you need to get the union involved. Hope this helps.
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    you will have to let us know where you are located, each region has different contract supplements with different sets of rules.

    I am in the central, the contract states that when a route is available, it must be posted to bid for a period of one week. After the week the top seniority person signing up for it in the proper classification, gets the route. As for coverage drivers. We have 5 bid cover drivers. The company posts a list of the upcoming weeks vacation schedule and the 5 bid cover drivers can pick by seniority, which route they wish to cover for the next week. All other cover drivers must work as assigned, seniority does nothing for them except the right to work.

    If the route your talking about is vacant, it needs to be posted for bid, asap.